06/06/2011 07:00 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2011

The Day FIFA Killed the Messenger

The news was both unbelievable and shocking.

"On Friday, a Bahraini FIFA official banned the Iranian women's national soccer team from playing against Jordan in the second round of the qualifiers for the 2012 London Olympic Games in the Jordanian capital city, Amman."

(Islamic guidelines, forbid women from showing their hair in public.)

Instantly after the ruling, Jordan was announced to have won 3-0!

In an interview, Ali Kaffashian the head of IFF (Iranian Football Federation) announced that even though the issue of the hijab had already been discussed with Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), Iran finds it necessary to file a complaint against the FIFA official, who banned the country's women football team from playing in an Olympics qualifier match.

Those who have been following Iranian political affairs and policies of the past decades are very well aware of the unfair and often prejudicial guidelines that are used against Iranian women.

These discriminations stretch from barbaric conducts such as "stoning", public "Flogging", arrests without "warrants", acts of "rape" and "torture", to sudden and unmerited "executions".

Without a doubt, Iranian women have been one of the most vocal challengers against the Islamic Republic regime, and in the latest uprising against the government in 2009 (After presidential election), they were the "leaders" and "movers" of the Green Movement, fighting real solid, demanding equality and justice for all.

Being forced to wear mandatory/forced Hijab is hard enough for any women to adhere. However, add a hot summer day, and intense physical activity to that predicament, and you'll comprehend what these women go through to play a physically demanding game like soccer!

If that is not pure "love" for the "beautiful" game, I don't know what is?

Despite all the problems, harms and obstacles, these brave athletes have accepted to wear the "forced" hijab, in order to show their worth in an international competition.

They want to show the Islamic Republic, that "nothing" can stop them from making progress in life.

Yet, instead of punishing the criminal governments that so often play "God" for their people, FIFA decides to "kill the innocent messenger"!

Come to think of it, FIFA's decision to bar Iranian women athletes from the competition does nothing but to help the Islamic Republic's mission to keep Iranian women under constant tyranny, and oppression.

One barbaric act helping another!

If the ruling against these brave athletes' ought to remain in place, there is only one thing that can be said about the culprits from both borders (FIFA & IRI).

Shame on you gentleman. Shame...