08/31/2015 08:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

30 Lessons I've Learned in 30 Years

My healthy observations over the past 30 years of life. About your body, eating, work and living your dreams.

Some I practice daily and others I've only recently discovered. I'm certainly no saint, though I've learned a thing or two...

I hope for this list to inspire, entertain and maybe even motivate you to react. In whichever way feels right.


30 things I've learned in 30 years

1. Having fat does not make you fat.

2. Being skinny doesn't "fix" what you think it does.

3. Neither does eating your feelings.

4. Thrashing, grunting and forcing your body isn't exercise, it's just craziness.

5. Childlike playfulness need never (nor should it) end.

6. Stand tall and proud, your mind will catch up with your body.

7. Wrinkles are OK when they're made from laughter.

8. Vegetables are always a good idea and there's nothing wrong with fruit.


9. Your instincts are all-knowing, connect with them.

10. Love with all you have -- of others, of the world around you, of yourself.

11. Curiosity has no age.

12. Shoes always fit.

13. Travel is worth more than it's price tag.


14. No diet, beauty treatment or healer can ever do for you, what you can for yourself.

15. Age means whatever you wish it to be.

16. Dance (not just in your head).

17. Try to spend as much time loving as you do hating yourself.

18. Yoga isn't all ohm's and chanting, I promise.

19. Be a lifelong student, it keeps you young.

20. Smile, it changes your entire perspective.


21. Move because you can.

22. You are not what you do, or your weight.

23. If nothing else, strive for balance in all things.

24. Breathe deeply, even if only for a minute.

25. Just as the '90s song states, wear sunscreen.

26. Water is the fountain of youth, drink up.

27. Get upside down once in a while.


28. If nine hours of sleep is what you need, then get it.

29. Put down the phone once in a while.

30. You are not only enough, you are magnificent, exactly as you are right now.

There will always be someone stronger, funnier, more successful, beautiful and smarter than me, just as there will be the opposite.

The truth is that it doesn't have any value or really even relevance to all that I am.

Or to you.

Our blessed world is full of competition and comparison. It's also full of misery and suffering, often from people with the "most."

Drop the external focus and celebrate all that you have and are.

Not overshadowing others though in celebration of and with them.

Namaste xx