12/21/2012 12:39 pm ET Updated Feb 20, 2013

Time Will Tell... on Whose Clock?

In 1994 Andy Lee and I set out to make a film about the Woodstock generational energy that seemed so strong in 1969 and so commercialized by '94. What we found spurred us on to continue the film way beyond Woodstock, to talk to myriads of people about where our species was headed before the millennium.

Well, 2000 came and went and today we face an either important cosmic day on our schedule or a lot of hooey. Either way, what we found in our conversations so many years ago has certainly come to pass. Indigenous Micmac elders spoke about the great Mother's changes and that they would be difficult in the dark future. Terrence McKenna insisted on the mystery that life presented us and Gloria Steinem felt there was hope because "we can change destiny." We tried science with Professors Rupert Sheldrake and Irwin Corey! Looking for answers from another realm, we attempted to raise Abbie Hoffman from the dead. Of course, there were also subjects who had visitations from other planets and the Raelians who thought we were all from another galaxy. Somehow none of them seem so crazy today.

What is remarkable is that everyone seemed to know in their heart of hearts that a wake-up call was needed -- and that it could come from personal reflection -- but is that in our nature, or do we need situations like Sandy Hook to push legislation for 'safer' guns. It seems that religion and politics haven't worked all that well. Drugs used to open up portals of perception may do just that, but for how long do those doors stay open?

As I sit here deluged with every version of earth shake ups and spins, I think of my small dog and consider her thoughts. She breathes, lives in the moment and shows her love and gratitude at every possibility. So simple and yet so radical. In an overly stimulated dyslexic world, perhaps she has the best answer?