02/07/2013 11:05 am ET Updated Apr 07, 2013

All You Really Need Is Heart

February has always been known as the month of love, and one person keeps this tradition alive all year long: Martin Mahkovtz, curator of Still dedicated to his mission to distract children with cancer, Martin truly exemplifies an altruistic, kindness and unconditional love through his work.

Last year was difficult for Martin, with the devastating rain damage to the Laps, as he also had outgrown his home where he has his "workshop." Not only does he need your old laptops but a place to grow, as the stricken children load has also grown! He tailors used laptop donations to adjust to the children's specific needs and interests, e.g., music, games, Web surfing, education etc. He contends it's a great way for the children to take their minds off of their disease.

Back in December 2011, I wrote a blog revering several who made my list of the "unselfish givers." Laptopsoflove was among the worthy organizations on my list. While it's not often that a writer, author, blogger sees the fruits of their labor, I was pleasantly surprised this past December by a most endearing acknowledgment from Laptopsoflove founder Martin Mahkovtz.

Martin writes:

Nancy, I wanted to express my feelings, it's been some time now that you wrote us into that wonderful article for The Huffington Post. I really wanted to thank you again and let you know what a wonderful Christmas present that was for all of us here at and for myself. I must tell you what the power of that paragraph has had on us. You helped raise awareness of small grass roots organizations like us. The inquiries about what we do almost doubled and you know me I love to talk and help anyhow. So, this was a dream come true.

Next, our laptop and desktop donations started to improve. Slow but we were able to buy some used laptops and small desktop models. Unfortunately due to the rains this past year we lost 95% of them. That was 217 laptops. I tell you this not to be sad about, but rather to let you know that people do care and are trying. That puts a smile on my face. We are making progress everyday because of your words.

Another form of donating is taking place for us to. A lawyer donates his time to us in the form of a much need answer to some legal issue. In doing so he saved us $250 that we could spend on the children. We have the City on big collection days, if they come across any computers now will call us at times. One of the colleges here has a recycling class we hope to be talking to and in return bring on some volunteers for class credit to help them.

So as you can see much has happened through your kind blog. Still I am doing Laptops, "pro bono" and still expanding. The next goal is to bring in well needed funds. I have found some great friends all over the world due to this. I'm glad we are here to help these afflicted children. My dream this year is to help many many more of these kids!

Let me say thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for the little guy, for us Nancy. Thank you again.

These "Martin Marvels" (laptops) are still free upon request, to those children fighting cancer. His laptops have gone to children at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas in Austin and several others. He's hoping to spread them far and wide. I can just imagine the look on the child's face receiving one. I am honored to know Martin, and proud to write these stories that perhaps would still be hidden.

Martin has since taken roots in Buckeye, Arizona, where with his enormous heart he continues the strong passion to help the children.

May the feeling of this month of February dedicated to love, fill all our hearts with kindness abound now and forever!

"When I see a child suffering from this disease, it makes my plight with this same insidious disease seem very insignificant."

Until Next Time,