10/10/2012 10:09 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2012

Republican Truth Vs. Campaign Promise

A 2012 GOP plank reads "We support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life..." This came out about the same time that my church held a Fortnight for Religious Freedom, to encourage the faithful to fight for religious freedom. This pledge sounded very familiar to me. It turns out that the "battle" appears to be over abortion (Roe v. Wade), with contraception and same sex marriage a close second, and it can be won by voting Republican in the upcoming election. Wow! I decided to use this IPad, an amazing invention I got for my 77th B-Day, to get a little past history on this frequently addressed, never resolved issue:

Back in 1973, the abortion issue of Roe v. Wade and its constitutionality was brought before the Supreme Court. The Court, after much complex study and discussion, ruled that Roe v. Wade was the law of the land.

This was the result of a majority decision of seven to two. Five of those majority member votes were made by justices who had been appointed by a Republican president. Roe v. Wade was solidly in.

During the 39 years and millions of abortions since that time, our electorate has given us 20 years of Republican presidents. In not one of those 20 years has a Republican president ever expressed responsibility for giving America Roe v. Wade, but many have used the law in campaign pledges to overturn it -- campaign pledges which then quietly fade away after election day. One of their best opportunities to carry through on those forgotten pledges was with a Republican president who served for eight consecutive years, during at least six of which he had the power of a Republican majority in both the Senate and House. Did he and his Republican Congresses make good on their promise? Well, no! He did find the time to give us two wars, but must not have had enough time to get around to abortion and those "traditional family values!"

Fool you once, shame on them... fool you again and again and again, shame on you!!!!!