03/18/2015 05:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Creflo Dollar Exploits His College Park, GA Community in an Attempt to Get a Plane

Apparently Creflo Dollar is too good to fly with everybody else. I suppose a net worth of $27 million dollars means that God has elevated you to heights that the average man and woman could never comprehend. Maybe sitting with the average Joe will affect his holy status and make it more challenging for him to preach the gospel?

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As a pastor's daughter, I have grown up in the church, seen it all, good and bad, as it pertains to the church community. My faith and my love of the word is the center of my life, and although I do not claim to know the Bible front to back, I certainly understand that as Saints, our mission above all is to share the message of the love of Christ.

One thing I know is that blessings from God do not always come in the form of financial gain, meaning not everyone who has a lot of wealth has been blessed by God. Sometimes the blessing comes in the form of having a job that makes you happy, and that allows you to keep a roof over your head and your children from starving.

As leaders in our community who understand the message of the gospel, it is our duty above all to help those that are less fortunate than us. Sometimes God blesses you, so that you can bless others, not so that you can sit on it, and be wasteful, boastful, or selfish. A true man of God knows this, and yet those who claim to be teachers of the word, seem to take advantage of the congregation that they have been blessed with, by exploiting them, and flaunting their wealth in the faces of these poor souls.

I find the fact that this man, who calls himself leader, and teacher of the word, with a net worth of $27 million dollars, can ask his congregation, with an average annual income of $29,640, to help pay for a private jet to be completely disgraceful! The jet is not a necessity, or something that will hinder his ability to preach the gospel; last I checked, airlines are still functioning normally, and other men of God like my father still use them to fly all over the world in order to teach the word. So what is Creflo Dollar's reason for needing a private Jet?

The quote for his G650 Plea,

We are asking members, partners and supporters of this ministry to assist in the undertaking of an initiative called Project G650. The mission of Project G650 is to acquire a Gulfstream G650 airplane so that Pastors Creflo and Taffi and World Changers Church International can continue to blanket the globe with the Gospel of grace. We are believing for 200,000 people to give contributions of 300 US dollars or more to turn this dream into a reality--and allow us to retire the aircraft that served us well for many years.

With all due respect to Pastors Creflo and Taffi, instead of wasting community funds on frivolous expenses like a Gulfstream G650, maybe you should spend more time reaching out to the community in order to understand what they need, and how you can use your ministry to support them!

Before donating to a 'Wolf in sheeps clothing,' I hope that we make more of an effort to understand the ministries that we choose to support. There are many people who are truly interested in supporting their communities by sharing the gospel, but there are also many false prophets out there. I cringe at the fact that so many people in need are being duped into filling the pockets of these charlatans.