06/25/2015 03:45 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2016

Daily Habits of Passionate Female Entrepreneurs

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Doesn't if feel great to get up in the morning when you are passionate about what you do?

There is nothing more exciting than starting your day when you know that you will have the opportunity to do what you love. It can take a while to get there, especially as you learn to juggle family, business, and everything in-between. Once you have a routine set, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to do what you love as a woman, especially in the year 2015, when the Fempreneur conversation is all the rage.

Women have never been more passionate and proud to be bosses. We are redefining entrepreneurship, and giving our male peers something to talk about, as we use the very traits that were once used to label us as weak, to prove that we have what it takes to be leaders in the workplace, and in business.

It's a fabulous time to be a woman in business!

Below are some habits of passionate, and driven female entrepreneurs.

Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

In 4 Ways Running Has Made Me a Better Fempreneur, I discussed the benefits running has had on me as an entrepreneur.

I bet at this point, some of you are wondering, how on Earth running and entrepreneurship even correlate. entrepreneurship is a mindset, one that inspires all the qualities of successful entrepreneurs, from being a visionary, having drive, the aggression necessary to overcome, etc. entrepreneurship is about having a laser like focus on survival and setting everything else aside; only an experienced runner can understand this direct connection, one that has helped to mold me into a mentally fit, and driven Fempreneur.

Staying healthy, will not only help you remain healthier and in turn function clearly as an entrepreneur, but can help to improve your work ethic. Creating and maintaining a fitness routine, will help to create discipline in your life, this discipline can be applied to your work ethic.

Great ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle include, working out in the morning, eating breakfast, drinking more water, and making smarter food choices.

Love Yourself

Those who love themselves, know themselves, and are more confident. As an entrepreneur, you have to sell yourself, your skills, and your brand effectively, having the confidence that can only come from accepting yourself will help to catapult your ability to build great partnerships. Your team members and partners will not hesitate to stand by you, because you don't hesitate to make them believe that you are worth the investment that they will make in you.

Make time to for yourself, to understand yourself, love yourself, and to grow as a woman, and business owner.

Embrace Your Own Definition of Success and Stand By It

Those who are successful, are not afraid to be unique, they refuse to live by anyone's rules. Instead, they shock and awe their way to success.

People love those who are different, although we tend to fear being the odd one out, we are drawn to people who have the courage to be different. Instead of running after those who choose to create their own definition of success, be bold and fearless enough to do the same. Do things because you love doing them, do them because you love and enjoy it, not because you believe it's what others expect you to do.

One of my favorite new blogs, thanks to my favorite Facebook group, is Julian B Kiganda's Bold and Fearless, an inspiring blog for women of Africa and the diaspora, encouraging us to be bold, while exploring faith, purpose, service and leadership.

Consistently Create Strategic Connections and Partnerships

Networking should not end after you leave your events, it should be a daily process. Utilize social media effectively to stay connected with inspiring entrepreneurs and potential partners. I love Facebook groups that allow me to connect with like minded bloggers and female entrepreneurs. The groups give you the opportunity to see what these women are interested in, provides you with the opportunity to provide a solution to some of the problems that they may have, and to reach out in an open forum, if you do not feel comfortable reaching out directly.

Take the time to research potential partners before reaching out directly, and remember to focus on them, not yourself.

Set Goals, and Track Your Progress

Setting goals is easy to do, tracking your progress is not discussed as often, but the successful Fempreneur, takes the time to track her progress. Accomplishing your goals can be empowering, and inspiring. A great way to stay motivated, and reminder of what you are capable of.

Achieving goals have gone a long way in reminding me of just how much I am capable of, especially when I consider everything that could be a hindrance in my life. Knowing that I have found a way to achieve my goal, helps to keep me encouraged, especially during the "down" times.

There are great tools available, to help you to manage individual and team goals, as well as the progression. Take advantage of these tools in order to benefit from them.

Nancy is the founder of Afro-Chic Mompreneur, where she inspires Female entrepreneurs and encourages the support of female owned businesses by sharing their stories. She also helps female entrepreneurs launch and manage their businesses. Her clients include Leisl Schrader of Remix Design and Kajal London of Kajallondon.

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