06/24/2014 05:07 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2014

Who Needs Another Blender? We Want to Go Sky Diving!

It's no secret that modern day wedding gift registries greatly differ from those in the past. The entire wedding experience has changed with the times--grooms are becoming more involved in the planning process, couples are doing much of the preparation for the big day online, and newlyweds are requesting an eclectic array of gifts on their registries.

Since couples are starting to co-habitate at a much earlier stage in their relationship, they are moving away from "traditionally" requested gifts on their registry such as blenders, dinnerware and linens. Registries are starting to reflect what couples need and want for their new life together and the registry is becoming a joint wish list with input from both the bride- and groom-to-be. That being said, a registry in today's world can include vases, kitchen accessories and a high power drill.

Lately, there is a growing trend in which newlyweds request funds to pay for experiences they can share together. This trend is increasing in popularity, because guests love feeling responsible for something unique that the bride and groom will always remember. First memories of an activity are often most impressive and long lasting. Who wouldn't want to be responsible for that?

Some online registries allow users to ask for cash which can be applied to these "Do It Together" experiences. Registries include "cash gift funds" for activities such as cooking lessons, wine tasting tours, sky diving, sailing lessons, mountain climbing and any other experience the newlyweds can share together. Thanks to universal registries like, newlyweds can request experience gifts from Cloud9Lving, XperienceDays, Viator, and other websites that offer couples a chance to enjoy time together, while making memories that will last forever. From the indulgent to the extreme, these websites offer something for everyone.

With the expense of weddings and the weak economy, more and more couples are placing "honeymoon funds" on registries--which can help the newlyweds pay for their trip. Contributions are also requested for honeymoon experiences such as scuba diving, a spa day or a fancy dinner. How wonderful it would be for the gift giver to receive a postcard or photos, instead of a thank you note for their wedding present!

The spirit and traditions of weddings will be around forever. Nobody knows what Emily Post might say about modern day gift giving, but it's clear that newlyweds are happily doing what fits their lifestyle today.