03/05/2015 10:51 am ET Updated May 05, 2015

A Surprising Solution to Sexism? PINEAPPLES!


Guys often think sexist comments aren't cool but don't speak up. If the goal is for all people to view the potential of girls and women in new bold ways, then we need those dude voices! That includes boys and men--and not just as targets of awareness campaigns, but as leaders.

Guys are more likely to shut down sexist comments when (a) they're supported by other guys (b) they have a clear and easy tactic to use and (c) its fun, not lame.

One idea? Pineapples. Well, not actual pineapples, but the word "pineapple."

Here at, we've turned it into a trigger word. When someone says something sexist, another person can shout out the word "pineapple!" and the sexist offender has to drop and do 10 pushups.

I confess, I have been pineappled. Just a few weeks ago, we were discussing the incredible leadership at another organization. I kept using masculine pronouns and saying, "that guy has done a terrific job!" One of the guys on my team shouted, "pineapple!" because it turns out, the CEO is actually a woman. Silly me for assuming the CEO was a guy! I dropped and did 10 feeble girl pushups...and when I said that, I was pineappled again! Sigh.

Pineapple-ing is fun, bonds a team, combats sexism, and gives you great abs. Here's to hoping it becomes a national trend!

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LinkedIn Influencer Nancy Lublin published this post originally on LinkedIn.