09/14/2012 02:41 pm ET Updated Nov 14, 2012

Presidential Election, Jobs and Health

Baby Boomers use the Internet on a daily basis to research health, technology, politics, travel, books, pets and insert any topic here. Baby Boomers spend more time and money online each month than Gen X or Gen Y researching, connecting and spending. The Boomer consumer holds 70% of the U.S. disposable income and 70% of them show up to vote.

My prediction is that not only will Baby Boomers determine the election, but they will also determine the amount of success and change in their lives because they know how to find the right resources. Baby Boomers have lost jobs, have worked with various generations at work and have gone through many life changes. Here are several books Baby Boomers are using to make changes. Take note, the following authors know how to connect, engage and influence career and health questions -- both critical topics right now for this consumer. If jobs or health issues have not affected them personally, it has affected a family member or friend.

The following author's address much about what the 2012 Presidential Election is near and dear to everyone's heart -- their wallet and health:

Executive book for ages 50 + from social media to public social profiles, Bedlam to Boardroom by Devon James Executive Coach and author Colleen Aylward tells it like it is. It's important to understand and embrace what the new employment landscape looks like for now and for the years ahead. Things will never go back to the way they were. The world is an online community now, and the future of a person's employment status is highly dependent on their ability to adapt.

Beyond Age Rage by media executive and author David Cravit maintains a war between the generations is happening in the workplace. Is it the greedy boomers refusing to get out of the way? Or the hapless millennials struggling to find an identity and correct footing? There are clearly issues with crisis in jobs and in health care. The book is filled with facts, insights and ideas to mitigate generational conflict -- conflict that perhaps you can relate to.

Want to Be Happy? by author Wellness Specialist Peggy DiSalle was written because being happy is a choice, but along with choice, some subconscious tweaks need to be made. Over the age of 45, changes start to happen. Some of these changes are overwhelming, some are joyous. Baby Boomers have so much going on their lives as caregivers, empty-nesters, new career hunters, new divorcees and grandparents. This book provides the boost, ideas and goal setting structure to empower the reader.

Consumers age 47 + are a take charge group and they always have been. They have been politically involved (think 1960's and 1970's) as youth, watched travel improve with faster planes and additional freeways, engaged in technology from microwaves to brick phones to tablets and generally seen health care improve over several decades. As far as social media goes, Baby Boomer women have been the fastest growing demographic on Facebook for two years.