12/27/2014 11:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Leader in You: A Poem

You took a job at the local school
To teach those in your care;
You did not sign up to lead another
For that you would not dare.

Me? Lead? That's not my thing
I'm just here to teach;
But don't you see that difference making
Is well within your reach?

These little eyes are watching you
They catch your every act;
You model more than you'll ever know
And that is but a fact.

In every class you make the weather
The tone is yours to set;
How every child will be treated
And her many needs met.

The classroom is but one space
Where you have a chance to lead;
With your peers is another chance
To guide in word and deed.

How you act in the break room
At meetings and at drills;
Shows your responsibility and care
Not a battle of petty wills.

Parents are one more group
Who benefit from your style;
Show them how to help their kids
They'll thank you all the while.

You're a leader, dear teacher
Whether you chose to be or not;
Fortunate are all who learn from you
And bountiful is your lot.