06/06/2014 04:33 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2014

Cure Idea Bloat and Get Focused

Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Ever find that you have so many ideas you don't know which one to focus on first? That it's hard to prioritize what's important (and what's not), and you just end up feeling stuck in always planning out an idea?

When you have that fiery entrepreneurial spirit, you just can't stop dreaming up new things -- it's in your nature. But you can and must stop the "idea bloat" if you want to get ahead and achieve soul-stirring success. So how do you do that?

The cure for idea bloat is focus! (Click to tweet!)

In this week's episode of She Takes on the World TV, I'm going to walk you through finding your focus so that you'll be able to point a laser beam of energy into making your most important ideas really take off!  

OK...let's recap! Here's the four-step process I use for staying focused and really getting things done:

  1. I believe in only working on three things at a time, max. Have a really tight product funnel of no more than three products.
  2. Anything that doesn't fit into that funnel, I put into an idea journal, and label it as a "backburner" idea. Your idea journal can be in a notebook or, if you like things digital, use a program like Evernote, which is what I like to do.
  3. For a lot of people, it's natural to get bored when we work on the same thing for too long, so if that's the case for you, spend time visualizing what the end looks like. Soak up the visual of what your life looks like to have achieved that goal and know that your focus is totally going to be worth it.
  4. After and ONLY after you've already got that first product funnel really humming along, you can go back to your idea journal and scour all those backburner ideas for what might fit into your next funnel.
My actionable for you this week is to evaluate what the most important thing is to you right now, and what it's going to take to bring that one goal to life.  

Go into your task manager (Asana is a great one!) and list all the tasks you'll need to achieve to make it happen. Then I'd love to hear in a comment what that one thing is that you're going to stay super-focused on!

You can make it all happen, just not all at the same time!

Check out my video training on creating a product funnel for more details!