12 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding So Family And Friends Will Love It

How will you and your fiancᅢᄅ's personality shine through on your wedding day?
02/28/2013 11:47 am ET Updated Apr 30, 2013

When you put the most important event of your life in my hands, I take it personally because when you get right down to it, an event is a reflection of style -- YOUR personal style! How will you and your fiancᅢᄅ's personality shine through on your wedding day? How will you make your wedding ABOUT you in ways that will leave long-lasting memories for all of your guests? Here are 12 ways (with 38 more to see here) to leave your fingerprint on your special day.

  • When you send your invitations, include a personalized note to each guest. Nothing says, "You're important to us" more than a few words in your handwriting.

  • Create your own stamp!
  • Mail invitations so that they arrive on a Saturday. Statistics show that social invitations are opened more frequently on Saturdays. And you'll receive RSVPs faster.
  • Pick your monogram. It will be great on your invites, your menus and anywhere else you decide to use it.
  • Plan an unconventional wedding ceremony start time... 5:23 (Date you met?) 7:04 (Date you got engaged?) 2:13 (Your Grandparent's Wedding Date?)
  • Wedding Seating: why do you have to have the traditional seating? Think Round, Arc Shaped, Unique Chairs, Benches. Anything that suits your style
  • Have a note or a flower on your parents' chairs for the ceremony.
  • Serve wines from the year you met!
  • Personalize your sweetheart table with awesome chairs. Get inspiration from vintage-rentals.com and luxeappeal.com or, even better, your parents' dining room chairs and family linens.
  • Favors should be edible or usable. Pick your favorite treat that reflects your personalities.
  • Dessert stations are all the rage right now. What better way to personalize a dessert station than to ask all of the cooks in your family to provide two dozen cookies or treats of their own.
  • Make sure to give your guests a farewell that they'll remember. Think about your favorite morning treats. Get them from your bakery and have every guest leave with a "Breakfast Treat".
  • It's great to find inspiration on blogs, in magazines, and on Pinterest; but remember, it's about YOU. Your personal touch will be what makes memories for your guests to remember long past the fingerprints on the glasswear.