02/23/2015 05:03 pm ET Updated Apr 25, 2015

Top 10 Secrets to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Planner

1. Hire someone with extensive experience. Every wedding planner needs to have their "first wedding" and it shouldn't be yours.

2. Look for somebody who's fun! Your wedding planner will be your "best friend" during your wedding planning process.

3. Search online... and don't search online. The best people I have ever hired have been referrals. Ask your buddies. They know good people. The glossy photo shoots you see (and believe me, they're photo shoots) are not real weddings.

4. Make sure that your planner has great connections with your wedding vendors.

5. No kickbacks to your planner. Period. Your planner is hired, just as a lawyer, home designer, or contractor. They'll be paid as a consultant for you.

6. Liability insurance is a must!

7. Your wedding planner will ultimately be "free" because they have the best resources to offer.

8. Be patient, if they don't respond to your email within ten minutes trust them, they're thinking about your wedding around the clock.

9. Check if your planner is involved as a pro in the wedding world through established organizations or

10. Enjoy your wedding planning journey! Having a great partner will make planning your wedding something that you'll love.

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