11/24/2010 01:23 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Sacred Space: Why You Should Create One

Why should you create a sacred space? The benefit of creating a sacred space is that it gives you a forum where you can speak of grievances and voice your disappointments. It allows you to focus and concentrate your inner powers in order to find life altering solutions. By carving out a sacred space for inner communion you are literally stating to the universe "Come, I need you ... I need you to help me ... I need you to heal me ... I am ready" and the blessings of heaven will pour down upon you in the form of insights, solutions, creativity and impulses that will be relevant to your life and bring you great calm and understanding.

In this day and age, when things are moving at lightening speed, a sacred space offers us a 'pause' from all the madness out there. We all need a space of our own where we can go to receive nourishment and to remember our divinity. We cannot undervalue such a discipline, for it has the power to transfigure us. You will find the more you spend time in your sacred space the more your soul comes to life and fills your mind and heart with inspiration, enthusiasm, vitality and a purpose with which to live.

Your sacred space is made sacred by your affirmation and intention that it be so. It can be a small corner in your bedroom, a shelf or a dresser, your work area or night table where you can display objects that have deep meaning and help to remind you of who you really are. It should be a place you can sit or kneel in front of. By doing this you are honoring your inner light. You do not need elaborate objects or expensive statues. All you need is whatever that will center you and delight your spirit. When you choose to create a sacred space, you anchor your spirituality in the mundane aspects of your life, to place right under your nose a daily reminder of your spiritual quest. In other words, you bring God into the details.

Listed below are several helpful ideas, suggestions and tools you'll need to begin creating your sacred space.

Setting up your space:

  1. Alter: The alter serves as an entry point into the deeper layers of your being -- concentration and focus of mind body spirit become heightened.
  2. Table cloth: Traditionally white table cloths are used for alters, but you can use any color that stirs your soul.
  3. Incense & Incense burner: The aroma of incense calms you, opens your mind, and thus enables you to enter a receptive state.
  4. Candles: I recommend using two candles. The two candles will symbolically represent heaven and earth, body and soul, etc. You can use a gold candle which represents the masculine aspect of creation (Sun) and a silver candle which represents the feminine aspect of creation (Moon). You can use any 2 color combination that appeals to you.
  5. Stones: The power of stones helps to ground your energies. They represent the ground beneath your feet. It is a symbol of your path. You may choose more than one stone to represent the qualities and energies you wish to cultivate.
  6. Self actualization letter: You can be very creative here. You can use beautiful stationary paper to write in full detail all that you desire to be or bring into your life. This letter is a vow to support and encourage the highest within you.
  7. Religious Symbol: You can choose the image of the cross, or a God/Goddess, Christ or Buddha, or the picture of a sunset or anything that represents divinity to you. Make sure you resonate with the symbol and should be placed in the center of your alter.
  8. Image of self: Choose an image that best represents your soul -- it could be an image of a tiger or eagle or a certain shape or color that mirrors your spiritual essence.
  9. Music: Choose a CD for relaxation and play it often in your sacred space. You will find that it will soothe your emotions and unlock your creative genius. Use music to relax, heal, inspire and restore you.

You might also include the following in your sacred space: Photographs of your mate or pet, or family and friends. Mementos from your life. Inspirational quotes or famous figures you admire. Rocks, crystals, leaves, flowers, shells, sand, feathers, branches, a bowl of water, poems, wind chimes, a small water fountain, essential oils, prayer beads, singing bowl or giant floor pillows. Only include what feels good to you.

Once you begin to construct your sacred space and once you are ready to use it, you will find yourself drawn to this place more and more as you'll crave the solace and comfort it provides. Place all the loose ends of your life here and see what happens. Sit here and listen to your soul. Sing, dance, pray, weep and dream the dreams of the creator. As you carve out your own piece of heaven on earth you not only uplift your spirit and create harmony in your life but transform every aspect of yourself. You may find that your sacred space has magical powers -- or is it you?