03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Law Of Attraction

A few years ago the movie The Secret introduced the principles of "The Law of Attraction" to the masses thus making it appear simplistic and rather easy. Let me tell you, the law of attraction is more than just thinking positive thoughts and raising your vibration. It is one of many laws that influence and shape your life. The circumstances of your life will not change simply by raising your vibration or holding positive images - there is more to your life than meets the eye.

The law of attraction cooperates and is in harmony with other divine laws that you may not be able to access just yet. In other words, if you are interested in using the law of attraction to serve selfish and superficial purposes I will guarantee you that none of what you imagine will come to pass. The law of attraction is a law that teaches, purifies and transforms your understanding of self and God. It is not to be used as a tool to fulfill empty desires that neither awakens nor empowers the soul. The soul has enough power to veto the law of attraction.

First, we must explore the meaning of vibration. In order to attract something we need to be in harmony with the desired feeling or emotion. We need to reduce the intensity of a feeling or emotion to be effective in attracting or manifesting. Most of what we desire, such as love, peace, abundance, and joy require a calm and serene focus. How often do you feel calm or serene?

Your emotional vibration must transform its frenzied point of attraction - this frenzied or distorted energy within you is the cause of all attractions that you would rather dispel from your reality. However, the law of attraction is revealing to you the state of your emotional body - pay attention. The emotional body is the center of power and this power must transform and transcend before the law attraction begins to manifest beautiful things and experiences for you. Before you run off and become a master at affirmations or holding positive thoughts investigate your emotional energy first, follow the thoughts/feelings and see how they have contributed to your experiences thus far.

As you explore the emotional body and understand its nature then the transformation of thought and feeling are instantaneous. Once a transformation occurs within the emotional body - mind, thought, feeling, emotion are in harmony (a calm and serene vibration) then the law of attraction will mirror your elevated vibrational state, which will manifest as more love, healthier relationships, abundant prosperity, etc. The law of attraction is your greatest teacher -- listen, pay attention and let it help you get out of your own way.

The law of attraction literally shows you what you emotionally believe via relationships, work, money and a host of other life experiences. Evaluate the area that's causing you the greatest angst and learn to become objective. By being objective, you begin to name the contradictions within you. Example: On a conscious level, you want to be in a committed and mutually rewarding relationship but on an emotional level you may not be ready to step up to the plate or even be ready for such a big responsibility. Through the law of attraction you will meet up with someone who mirrors to you your emotional truth, which is you are not ready. This person will cause you either great grief, or great disappointment and all this relationship is meant to do is to inform you or make you aware of your emotional vibrational state and to take charge in transforming it. The law of attraction is precise. The law of attraction is a perfect mechanism, perfect tool to help you on your journey to self-realization.