12/30/2010 06:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Planeteer Alert! (Twittersode @ 8:00PM ET Tonight!)

Sorry to ruin your new years plans, but eco-villains have invented a time machine. They plan to go back to the 1950's, when there were no environmental laws, and emit enough carbon to make Greenland into a beach-front resort!

This is the premise for a fantastic episode of Captain Planet that will be performed tonight on Twitter at 8:00 ET. To check it out, follow the characters below, or watch the hashtag #newyear.

Plenteer Alert - @planeteeralert
Captain Planet @captplanetsays
Gaia @mama_gaia
Kwame @earthenkwame
Wheeler @wheelersonfire
Linka @linkawind
Gi @giloveswater
Ma-Ti @MaTi_soamerica
Hoggish Greedly @hoggish_greedly
Rigger @rigger15
Dr. Blight @DocBlight
Mal @CybrMal

Without giving too much away, the episode illuminates two possible paths you, dear reader, can go down in the new year. In one path, you decide that you are not important, and that your actions don't really make a difference for the planet. As a result, we continue on our unsustainable course toward major global climate change. In the other, you believe in your own power to make a difference, and you take up the fight for the planet like it is what you were born for.

One one thing is certain, you do have the power to affect the way the future goes. So what will it be?

The Global Planeteer Network is growing. Are you ready to join us? The Power is Yours!