09/26/2013 06:07 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

79-Year-Old Recalls the Sex Party in Paris That Awoke Her Bisexuality (VIDEO)

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D'yan Forest was born 79 years ago and raised in a conservative suburb of Boston. After graduating from college, D'yan did what everyone else seemed to be doing: She got married.

I married a nice Jewish boy, a lawyer. I was miserable. It was boring. The sex wasn't that good. In those days you didn't really know what sex was. He wanted to have babies, and I wanted to go skiing and travel.

After getting a divorce, D'yan traveled to Paris and had lots of new experiences. One in particular changed her life. She met a man who took her to a party where people could have sex if they chose to.

And for this girl from Boston, this was mind-blowing. So he says, "Do you want a woman to touch you?" I said, "OK." The women touch me, men touch me. My husband always called me a cold fish. I was no cold fish that night. I became a new woman.

After becoming aware of her bisexuality, D'yan now had a new unexpected challenge: the gay community.

I have hid from straight people for years that I'm gay. Now that I've come out, that I'm bisexual, I find out that the gay community is not accepting of me. So now I hide from the gay people that I'm bisexual. I hope that in 50 years this will all be resolved, that you can be gay, bi, transgender, transsexual, do anything you want, and you're just accepted.


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