05/16/2014 12:03 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What Is Love? This Lesbian Teen Has It All Figured Out (VIDEO)


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Kids these days.

Tyunique Nelson was struggling with parts of her life. Through her struggles she found some peace with Alex, a new person she met at school:

When we first met and I was really depressed, he had some of the same issues -- he dealt with cutting and depression and personality disorders -- so we kind of matched in that aspect, but we needed different things to help each other out. I just needed someone to sit and listen to me talk about things. I would talk about what was going on with my family....

Being there for each other was an important part of their relationship, and it was now time for Tyunique to be there for Alex:

[E]ventually he came out to me, after we were together for two years, that he was trans, and I was totally supportive of it, because it's the same person; it's just a different name, different pronouns.

Teenagers being there for each other through challenges, struggles. and transitions! As if that weren't not enough reason to be hopeful for the future, Tyunique wrapped up her story with this:

I want people to know that there's not one type of love; there are like a billion types. Special connections happen everywhere, and they're sometimes easy to find, and they're sometimes hard to find, but there are ways to get through it, and there are ways you can get around the obstacles that stand in your way, so just be a wonderful couple.


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