04/03/2013 05:20 pm ET Updated Jun 03, 2013

Jews Reveal Our Secrets to Controlling the Banks (VIDEO)

A few months ago, I talked to San Francisco holiday shoppers about their true feelings about the age-old stereotype about Jews and money. I got them on tape, and even visited one of the many homes of the world's richest Jew, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

Yet I didn't meet that many actual Jews. To get the Jewish side of the story, I paid a visit to the Purim carnival at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center to hear from Jews in their natural habitat.

Shockingly, I found Jews who would admit to being willing to do anything short of genocide to get a good deal. I even found the Jews who control the banks, the ATMs, and the ice cream trucks. Check it out:

The JCCSF's online venue 3200 Stories is also producing The Nato Sessions: Live Conversating & Podcastery with Famous Smart People on Mondays in April at 7pm at Stage Werx Theatre at 446 Valencia in San Francisco.

  • April 8: Gerard Jones (author of the history of comic books Men of Tomorrow, comic books including Green Lantern & Batman)
  • April 15: Ayelet Waldman (author of Bad Mother)
  • April 22: Mort Sahl (legendary political comedian)
  • April 29: Helene Wecker (first novel The Golem and the Jinni coming out soon)
Nato Green is a San Francisco-based standup comedian and writer. This video was produced by Dan Wolf for 3200 Stories at the Jewish Community Center.