06/04/2014 04:00 pm ET Updated Aug 04, 2014

#FootSelfie -- Would You Tweet Your Naked Feet?


Feel the need to tweet your feet or bare your sole? Meet #footselfie...

It seems some have taken the selfie to a new "lower" level -- and that is down to the street to expose their feet. The foot is no longer considered a part of the body that should be hidden, and the footselfie may be evidence of that. In my NYC foot surgery practice there has been a larger interest in having one's feet look "good" -- both in person and now in pictures.

There are a variety of reasons that people turn to Twitter to show off their feet. Some focus on their perfect feet, whereas others highlight a foot problem (such as a bunion). Sometimes people just prop their foot up along a background to share their experience. Celebrities are no strangers to a self-induced foot photo either.

Below are a several reasons people #footselfie:

1. BeachFeet

2. Rocking a Pedicure

3. Foot Tattoo

4. Prosthetic Feet

5. Yoga Feet

6. Bunion Surgery

7. Pretty Feet

8. The #highheel picture

9. Health Awareness Campaigns

10. The #selfie taken with the foot

It seems that the selfie (and variations of it) are here to stay. What is more apparent, as a foot surgeon, is that some people want their feet to look good for themselves but also for their social media followers.

Have you ever done a #footselfie? If not, then this may be one experience where you put a toe in the water first.

Dr. Neal Blitz
Reconstructive Foot Surgery
New York City

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