05/19/2015 03:11 pm ET Updated May 16, 2016

Facts Don't Lie

Ah yes -- "Facts don't lie." I love this phrase. And by love, I mean, of course, that it makes me sick to my stomach, especially the way it's used. But it is true. Facts do not lie. Neither do stop signs, flower pots, or cow paddies for that matter. Only animals with a brain stem are capable of lying, with humans leading the pack, and politicians way out in front.

Facts and Truths are not the same thing. Facts are just another tool that politicians use to be dishonest. Here are some examples:

Gas Prices were at $1.87 a gallon when George W. Bush left office.

I've heard many politicians of the GOP echo this phrase. After all, it is a fact. But it's not the truth.

The truth is that gas prices were at $4.59 a gallon several months before George W. Bush's second term ended. Then we all remember what happened -- the stock market crashed. Since crude oil is publically traded, it took a dive like all commodities. That's the only reason it was at $1.87 when he left office. So, when people want to rave about the gas prices at that time, in essence what they're boasting about is the incompetence that led to the near destruction of the world economy. That's the truth.

Here's another one:

Hillary Clinton and other Democrats voted for the war in Iraq.

This is a half fact.

The truth is, Congress voted to give the president the power to make sure Iraq did not have, nor obtain, weapons of mass destruction, which included diplomatic efforts like inspectors from the UN. They had no way of knowing that, after obtaining the votes necessary, George W. Bush would immediately pull the inspectors out to advance his plans for war.

The facts get stretched a little more when politicians offer this one:

Hillary Clinton and Democrats saw the same intelligence that Bush saw.

The fact is Congress saw the intelligence the president presented them. It was scary. It made it seem as if Iraq had the means and the desire to attack America.

The truth is Congress does not have the same access to intelligence that presidents have, not even ex-presidents. They did not have the information about all three of these so-called pieces of intelligence having already been proven false. They didn't have access to the 80 million pages of intelligence that proved Iraq had no weapons program. The president didn't explain that he and his gang waded through all these pages with the specific goal of finding anything to use to go to war.

As we head into election time, you're going to hear many times about how Hillary Clinton saw the same faulty intelligence and voted to go to war.

And that's a fact.

But -- it's far from the truth.