08/13/2014 09:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Goodbye Robin


These are not The Best of Times
Club Paradise is lost to some
The Survivors are left to mourn
And wonder What Dreams May Come

He was truly the Man of the Year
A Cadillac Man oh so sharp
Being Human we learned from watching
The World According to Garp

The Dead Poets Society gains a soul
As Patch Adams arrives in his RV
The Genie dances with Flubber shoes
To the jungle tune of Jumangi

Wishing for one Night at the Museum
With the true Bicentennial Man
Or a One Hour Photo chance
With Hook's great Peter Pan

His movies always led to Insomnia
From Toys to Jakob the Liar
Many Awakenings of happiness
Falling in love with Mrs. Doubtfire

So good luck in your Goodwill Hunting
Let Good Morning Vietnam ring
As you enter that heavenly Birdcage
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything

Nanu, nanu, our friend.

Neal Wooten