09/03/2014 04:43 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Just Shut Up!

Phil Robertson simply can't let it go. He keeps trying to explain his homophobic rant to GQ magazine, which might be partly to blame for the falling ratings for the hit reality show, Duck Dynasty. The problem is, you can't make people forget about something if you wont stop talking about it.

But a determined duck hunter he be, and his mission is crystal clear -- explain to all the homosexuals of the world that his comments are evidence of his love for them. Hence his new attempts to clarify on Good Morning America.

The only place I know where I could've gone to answer that question would be a Bible. The dictionary wouldn't have explained it. I'm as much of a homophobe as Jesus was. People who are participating in homosexual behavior, they need to know I love 'em.

There, satisfied? All you folks participating in homosexual behavior can now rest easy. Phil loves ya. Can you feel it?

I thought it was an interesting choice of words for Robertson to say he could have gotten the answer to that question from "a" Bible and not "the" Bible. That's for sure. The Quran, for example, which is a Bible, certainly could provide him some answers on homosexuality.

But if he's talking about "the" Bible, the Christian Bible, i.e., the King James or New International Version, he's very wrong in his comments -- again. First, to state that Jesus is afraid of anything is either the words of someone who has never read the Bible or clearly doesn't understand it. The Son of God faced Satan and died for all our sins. He is not afraid of homosexuals.

Secondly, and maybe most importantly, Jesus never said one word about homosexuals or homosexuality. Seriously, read the Bible and quit assuming what it says. Jesus never mentioned this issue. He did mention the love part, however. Phil pretends to have a grasp on that. However, displaying love for someone can never be preceded by bashing them.

This is where the majority of Christians, or at least those hiding behind a pretense of faith, will begin hollering about "tough love' and how it's a Christian's responsibly to point out the sins in others so that they might see the light and correct the error of their ways.

This too is not in the Bible. Jesus explains in the Bible how to live your life and to be a beacon and witness to others, not to point and accuse. Nowhere does it instruct you to point and accuse. In fact, it instructs you not to do these things because as mortals we are all sinners.

People who tout their Christian faith as a prize also love to address this issue. "Sure, we all sin," some will say. "Yes, even I sin," other braver ones will utter. But they never actually specify what sins they are guilty of committing. To do that would be to acknowledge they really are the same as everyone else, including those participating in homosexual activity.

So, Phil, if you truly want this thing to go away, stop yacking about it. Pretend it's a wild duck, one of the most beautiful creations of God Almighty. If you wanted the duck to get close enough to put a bullet through its colorful feathers and pierce it's beating heart, you would keep your mouth shut.

Apply and repeat.