10/25/2011 09:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Why I Write

Half-formed thoughts swim through my brain, merging into one another like clouds as new ideas form. My fingers tap impatiently on the eager keyboard, taunting the blank screen illuminated before me. Several times I have filled it, and several failed efforts have been discarded. Every attempt leads me back to the same blank page. It should be so easy, I tell myself. My fingers are poised on the keys, my mind completely focused on the task at hand --yet the right words simply won't appear on the page.

I return to my original starting point: my interests, goals, topics I like to discuss. I continue to run in circles, unsure of how to begin. Exasperated, I wonder why I wanted to make a blog in the first place. Surprisingly, an answer forms in the back of my busy mind; I just want to write.
I think about that for a moment. Writing... words. Can that be it? Is this what I've been missing? Letters begin to cover the page, the rhythmic clicking of the keys like music to my ears. My mouth breaks into a wide smile, as I finally find what I've been searching for.

This blog is a place for writing, a world where one can appreciate the power of the written word. Whether in music, literature, or poetry, the incredible power of writing is undeniable. I hope to share some of my creative writing with you, and feature other works as well. Hopefully my passion for all forms of writing will translate into my blog and instill the same excitement into all of you. (I would also love for you to post your own insights and/or creative writing in the comments section -- anything goes).

With that said, I'd like to focus on a set of lyrics that particularly inspire me. Recently, I discovered a truly incredible song called "Elements" by A Fine Frenzy. She's an artist who, in my opinion, is severely unappreciated. Look her up if you have the chance. The entire song is incredible, to be sure. But two lines in particular gives me the chills every time I hear them:

You show up like a hurricane, all hungry-eyed and weather-stained
The clock forgets to tick and I the same...

I died the day you disappeared, so why would you be welcome here?
Ride the wind that brought you back away...

You're gentle now, but I recall
Both tender fire and bitter squall
A history so deep it hurts to look

These lyrics, woven together so incredibly, are full of anticipation which is combated by intense pain. I find it incredible that, without any background into the relationship being described, I can feel the emotion so piercingly (I especially love how the story is told through nature; imagery like "tender fire" and "bitter squall" fits so well into the context of the relationship being described.) The other striking aspect of these lyrics is their simplicity. The words aren't "fancy," the ideas not too abstract. The plainness of the words conveys the raw emotion that so clearly pierces through this piece.

Try to listen to this song a couple of times -- you'll see what I mean. How do you feel about the lyrics of "Elements"? I'd love to read any responses in the comments section.