10/01/2012 01:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mitt's Biggest Problem Other Than Saying Crazy Stuff

Mitt Romney's problem, other than saying something offensive to 47 percent of Americans every few days, is that he's running in the wrong party.

It's not that Democrats are any better at running elections or raising money. They're not. It's just that Romney's greatest legislative achievements are things liberals love. And his greatest weakness -- sounding like the only time he meets people who aren't rich is when they're parking his car -- is the kind of swagger many Republicans idolize.

Just look at his resume.

As Massachusetts's governor, Mitt was both pro-green and pro-business. He reined in toxin-spewing power plants, promoted oil spill preparedness and, according to the New York Times, came closer to passing a cap-and-trade program than any other American politician in either party.

On abortion, Mitt was once pro-choice before his views "evolved."

And as much as he denies it and then sort of doesn't -- "I got everyone in my state insured," he told NBC News -- we all know he's the political grandfather of Obamacare. It's for all these reasons that Republicans aren't really comfortable with Mitt. They're just not sure he's really one of them. And there's a good chance he's not.

If Mitt ran as a Democrat, Republicans would attack him for all of the things they now cover up. But they would attack any Democrat for it. And as much as they would want to, they would have a hard time smashing him for the very thing Democrats have excoriated him for - the caricature of a Mr. Money Bags that couldn't care less about average Americans.

Of course, being a Democrat wouldn't assure Romney a victory. He might still be a gaffe machine, but one senses Romney would have a much easier time opening his mouth if he didn't have to worry he might accidentally take credit for some of his best achievements.

On the other hand, he would still have that whole left his dog on top of the car problem. Americans do like dogs, even more than they like to hate each other.

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