03/26/2014 10:53 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Look, Same Great Mission


This week, we began a new chapter in our story at the National Park Foundation. We have unveiled a new look -- one that underscores our role as the nonprofit partner of the National Park Service and reinforces our commitment as the official charity of America's national parks. We are excited about our new logo, and even more proud of the mission it now clearly represents.

Since 1967, the National Park Foundation has worked tirelessly to lead the national park cause, raising critical private support to directly aid America's national parks, sustain the critical work the National Park Service is doing in both parks and in communities, and expand the community of park supporters that will help us carry this important mission forward into the future.

Our new logo, and a similar new graphic for the National Park Service, complements the iconic arrowhead that has represented the National Park Service for over 60 years. These new designs will not replace the arrowhead, but rather will expand the brand family, visually demonstrating the close partnership between our two organizations. It will provide a fresh, new way for us to represent the incredible work our supporters make possible in national parks and in communities across the country.

This new look is just the start! It is the first step toward preparing for the National Park Service Centennial celebration in 2016 and the beginning of a second century of stewardship.

Beginning in 2015, we will launch a public engagement campaign that will run throughout the National Park Service's 100th anniversary year. This campaign, entitled "Find Your Park," will introduce -- or re-introduce -- the national parks, and the powerful work we do within communities across the country, to every American and invite them to take part in our second century. Together, the National Park Foundation and the National Park Service, along with many partners and friends, are setting the course for our next 100 years. In the months ahead, we will be sharing more news about the Centennial and we invite everyone to join us as we embark on this exhilarating journey.

These are exciting times! Our logo has undergone a transformation, but our mission remains the same -- to lead this incredible cause, providing critical support for America's greatest treasures and the noble work of the National Park Service. With your help, we will continue to protect this nation's magnificent national parks, to connect all Americans to these natural, cultural, and historical treasures, and to inspire the next generation of park stewards who will safeguard these special places for generations to come.