11/11/2011 03:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Climate Conspiracy Allegation: Climate Alarmism Is a Money Making Scheme


Previously, we discussed the allegation that scientists' greed for funding is their motivation to falsely perpetuate the concept of man made climate change. Today we'll look at allegations of a different level of greed. Let's start with a fun pop quiz. No studying necessary.

Your plumber prefers copper pipe to PVC pipe and loves to explain his rationale to anyone who will listen. After decades on the job he starts his own copper pipe business. What would your reaction be to his new business venture?
  1. Understand his decision and believe the free market will decide if it's a good one.
  2. Respect that he believes what he says and backs it up with money.
  3. Distrust him, worrying that his real goal is to profit from his powers of persuasion
  4. Pursue your passion for Australian rules football

If you picked "4" you weren't paying attention, because I just threw that in to mess with you. If you are a climate change skeptic, you should have picked "3" because I'd wager it lines up with how you feel about Al Gore and his green business investments.

Poor Al Gore. I'm not saying Al Gore is financially impoverished, mind you. His net worth has grown significantly since leaving political life -- a fact his critics find fault with, calling him a "carbon billionaire" who is hyping the climate crisis as a road to personal gain. Gore has donated all his film and book earnings to his Alliance for Climate Protection. He has also made "green" investments in companies that fit his vision of an environmentally sustainable economy. Given the scorn he faces for flying in planes and owning a big house, wouldn't he also take heat if he didn't invest in the kind of businesses he touts as critical to save our climate?

And while deniers and skeptics have devoted most of their scrutiny to Al Gore and his subversive plot of spending decades publicly stating how he feels, they may be turning their laser beam focus elsewhere: Wall Street and government are apparently in on the swindle. So look out, fat cats and bureaucrats -- you're on notice!

Info from conspiracy theorists:
  • Newsbuster article, including transcript of Gore's interview with Diane Sawyer. Note the not-so-subtle anti-Gore tone of the piece.
  • Infowars "A simple visual chart put together by Jo Nova shows how governments, industry, and Wall Street have been behind the global warming scam all along, and how they continue to use taxpayer dollars to fund it."

Quote by Al Gore:
"I absolutely believe in investing in ways that are consistent with my values and beliefs. I encourage others to invest in the same way."

A couple of quick hits about benefits of a green economy:
American Progress: A State-by-State Picture of occupations that Gain from Green Investments "In the current economic climate, any improvements in efficiency -- energy, water, other resources -- can benefit the environment and the bottom line."


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