08/09/2013 12:11 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2013

Finding Supermen and Women

This summer is truly the summer of the "Attack on Teachers and Education." Nationwide, politicians, supposed experts and corporations are forcing states to adopt horrible policies for their profit and, even more disturbing, are closing down schools that they claim are "failing our children" while putting all of the blame on the teachers of those schools and districts. It's very ironic how the government tells Americans that we can't allow big businesses to fail because it will destroy the economy, but we can shut down schools, which, in many people's opinions, are much more important to the success of a nation. Only a foolish nation spends more money on its stocks and businesses than it does on its students and schools.

As the attack on teachers continues, so many are attempting to convince the American people that there are far more bad teachers than good teachers. I, however, couldn't disagree more. I teach with such amazing colleagues who go above and beyond their job titles for their students, and I know that this is not an exception, but the norm. All across America, and throughout the world, teachers are so much more than just teachers; they give their hearts, souls and money to help their students, and it has become appallingly obvious that they are the only people who genuinely care about their student's education and emotional growth. One educator performs more of a public service than one thousand politicians. However, those who are attempting to take over education for profit or policy have more money and media and, therefore, are heard much more than the teacher advocates... until now.

I am reaching out to everyone who was ever affected by an amazing educator: current students, former students and even colleagues. I am asking you to take just two minutes, literally, and record a video about the teacher (or teachers) who truly changed your life. Each week, I will post five videos. My goal, though it may seem impossible, is to receive and post over 100,000 videos.


1. Introduce yourself and the teacher (name, school, city and state).
2. Share how this teacher changed your life and what he/she did to go above and beyond for you (If it's a colleague, share what this teacher did to inspire you and the school.)
3. Keep videos under 2 minutes in length.
4. Email video file or link to (Subject: Finding Supermen and Women)
5. In the email's body, include your name and your teacher's full name along with the school's name, city and state.

I know that there are definitely more than 100,000 incredible and selfless educators in America and in the world. I truly believe that we will exceed this number. So, please help me show America and the world that there are far more amazing teachers than there are bad or incompetent ones, that teachers are not the problem, not even close, and that the politicians and profiteers are the ones who are destroying education.