05/02/2014 01:41 pm ET Updated Jul 02, 2014

What My Students Think Is The Best Way to Engage Students

In my years as an educator, I have spent the majority of my time with teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18, and I have come to one certainty: teenagers say some of the most profound, and most entertaining, things you could ever imagine. A day doesn't go by that my students don't enlighten me with their genuine innocence or entertain me with their youthful ignorance. For that reason, I believe there is so much we, as adults, can learn from today's youth. So, I decided to not only empower my students, but give them a forum where they can freely, and without judgment, share their thoughts, views and opinions on the topics that are current and being discussed in the mainstream media. Be prepared, because I can never predict what they may think or say.
So, here is what my students think is the best way to engage students.

"The best way to engage students is to be a very creative teacher. Actually get your students involved and make activities fun. Also, make sure your students are comfortable in the classroom." -- Toni, 10th grade.

"The best way to engage students is to talk to them about things they like and involve that with the subject." -- Fednerly, 10th grade.

"I think the best way to engage students is to threaten them with discipline for not paying attention. The student will be afraid to be disciplined so they will be focused." -- Arber, 10th grade.

"The best way to engage students is letting them actually get involved with the lesson. For example: assigning students to teach lessons, so they can be forced to learn the materials, and teach others. Also, incorporating games, movie clips and challenges." -- Jordann, 10th grade.

"The best way to engage students is to show love and become their friends in class. This shows respect and builds a great relationship." -- Brandon, 10th grade.