01/27/2016 04:29 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2017

Are You Blocking Your Blessings?

We've all been in a situation that wasn't ideal. The relationship that lost it's spark and you stick around far longer than you should. Or how about the soul sucking job that we absolutely despised but we show up begrudgingly because we need the money.

That's life sometimes. What once pleased us or served us no longer adds value or worse, it brings us down. This is where awareness comes into play. There are evolutionary pulls and nudges that are oh so subtle, but nevertheless it's guidance to move on.

These so called bad situations are necessary for our evolution. These realizations are filled with lessons for us, in fact it's where our preferences are born. "I don't like this" or "I never want to deal with THAT again" are moments that serve our growth. Here's where we get to exercise one of our greatest powers, because each time we are presented with that which makes us unhappy we get to choose again.

Now, just because we choose again doesn't mean we will choose a new mate or new job. You will know when the time is right. However, you may choose to do something, anything, differently.

How lucky are we? The power of choice ROCKS! We make choices and they lead us along our path in life. There is flow, there is movement this is what we call growth.

Here's where the problem occurs. We feel the urge to move on but we ignore it. We receive the insight, we feel that we aren't inspired or joyful for an extended period of time but we numb ourselves in some way, perhaps food or maybe drinking, etc. This is trouble because we resist our very own expansion, we cause stagnation and ultimately suffering on some level.

Our lives transform when we choose FLOW over FORCE.

I remember my life before I understood flow, I was miserable! Why? I attempted to force everything into place. If something didn't work I refused to give up on it. I wanted to control everything in my life on some level. I stayed in relationships and friendships where the other person didn't honor me. I resisted letting go of friends, lovers, jobs and living situations. I thought I could fix everything. In turn I suffered a great deal of frustration and heartbreak. Guess what? It was self inflicted.

You see, where there is force there can never be flow.

In any given moment we can choose to stop resisting. Flow is recognizing where you are being directed and surrendering to it. Flow is a willingness to see that something greater than that which you can see is working in your life.

Will you feel sadness or disappointment when something doesn't go your way? Yes. But will it ruin your day or your week? No, because you see this simply as a cosmic redirection and you know the Universe upgrades.

Force is resistance. Say that word out loud. How does it feel? Resistance jams up your energetic flow. Imagine flowing down the river and you become stuck against a fallen tree, you could use your oar and gently set yourself free OR you could remain stuck and watch so many great things flow down the river, passing you while you're stagnant.

Now consider your life now and think about where you're choosing force over flow.

Going back to the less than ideal situations I mentioned earlier. Some of us remain in these situations for years, decades or even life. This resistance to growth causes an energetic blockage. It's like picking a shield and holding it up to block all of the goodness coming your way.

Each time you instinctually feel the urge to move forward or to let go that's your soul's GPS telling you to turn right, or turn left. Our inner guidance is attempting to lead us to the upgrade waiting for us but we must be willing to receive it.

Here's the truth, we live in abundant Universe. If you don't like one thing you get to choose something else. ALWAYS. And then choose again!

Will you choose to flow? Will you stop blocking your blessings? Will you remove the expired to make room for the fresh?

That's all you have to do. To learn more about the daily rituals and practices to get your life into flow, visit