01/04/2013 12:59 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2013

Forget the New Year's Resolutions -- I Want a Do Over!

Imagine what we could do if we could do 2012 all over!

I call for a "do over" or "take over" -- whatever the kids call it. What a great concept for us all. Wow! What choices would we make different? What could I have done or said that would have better served me? So many missed opportunities that I just did not go for.

Like telling my wife: "I love you" more often, or to having spent more time with my kids. To have really gone for my dreams one step at a time or maybe to have chosen to set the alarm 30 minutes earlier to go exercise, or hey, maybe even taken my vitamins. How about about standing up and speaking up for myself in a loving way, or hey, how about facing my "fears" head on?

When you face your fears head on they are not nearly what you feared, they just disappear.

Why did I do what I did? Business duties, financial pressure, old habits, anger? Was it worth it? I want a do over. I want this year to be different and what I want it to be.

Do Over in Three Easy Steps

Well, we can. As a matter of fact I know WE CAN. If we can learn from what we did, or did not do last year, maybe, just maybe, we can make this year really what we want our life to be. So here is how you get your do over in three easy steps.

1. Make a list of the five things you wished you had done or said, but did not do or say, or things you did or said and wished that you had not. It is really quite simple. Your heart knows what hurts right now, as you may have not done it. You can feel the pain of missed opportunities, love lost, feelings hurt, and money wasted. So now what?

2. For each item on your list, write what you wished you would have done and why. What would the outcome possibly have been if you had made a different choice?

3. Finally, for each item on your list, and most importantly, what behavior pattern, or emotional trigger or habit will you watch out for this year and not repeat.

Thus the bonus process:

What were my patterns last year that led me to do the things I did not want to do and kept me from doing the things I really feel in my heart I want to do?

Was I too cautious, afraid, and not speaking up or standing up for what I wanted? Was I too busy and self centered to see what was going on around me? Did I act in a way of loving myself? How can I act differently this year and make a real difference in my life.

Just Do It!

By acting differently and making effective choices, you will be able to change patterns and achieve the goals you are after. So go for it. Life does not respond to you sitting on the couch. Everyone fails at some step on their journey and in their attempt to learn a new skill, create a new relationship or to start a new business. Without trying, you have nothing. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So start with small easy steps and go for it. Most importantly: Trust yourself and go for it. You deserve it. Just do it!

Your Do Over Is Your Make Over

Write it down and think about it. This year your actions can be wiser, more effective and self-loving. Simply remember what did not work so well for you last year and so now you can do it different, do it OVER.

So Go for It!

Take your do over. The laws of karma and life are simple. You are bound to repeat the same experiences over and over until you learn the lessons you were meant to learn and to grow from. So use your do over and grow. Have fun. It is just a journey to be enjoyed and to learn from. Have a great 2013! Go for your dreams, I know you can do it, if you want to do it and are WILLING to work the process! Thus: Just do it! Get over yourself -- just do it!

So let this year be a New Year that is truly a New Year where we are effective, loving, empathetic to our loved ones, compassionate to all, forgiving of our shortcomings and enjoying the journey we are on.

You Do Get a Do Over

By learning from this last year, you really do get a do over! This year will be great and the best ever!!

Enjoy the journey -- Happy New Year!

Nick Bassill, Founder of Heart Centered Love and Heart Centered Match: creating more loving relationships and a more loving, compassionate world.