08/10/2012 01:32 pm ET Updated Oct 09, 2012

Romney Hood, Obama Hood - How About The Middle Hood!

It is time to champion the middle class, not just the wealthy and the poor. When is the middle class going to get the attention it deserves?

Many hard working Americans have made their way up from poverty to the middle class and others in the middle class, with their innovative talents, have created some of the greatest businesses in America. The American Dream has given millions the hope that they too could get ahead and make their Dreams come true for themselves and their families.

Be courageous! Stand up! It is time to speak up before your voice is forever silenced by big government and big business.

Now we have a champion for the rich and a champion for the poor. The rich, with their army of accountants and lawyers use obscure tax loopholes in the tax code to get out of paying most of their taxes. News reporters always talk about taxes based on the adjusted gross income. What about the gross income! How much is hidden, legally hidden, from a tax code written for the rich.

Middle class families do not have the resources to hire accountants and lawyers to help them shelter and hide their taxable income. Is this fair? The big guys and the big corporations - who make the big donations - demand and receive special beneficial legislation from the politicians. These are not the friends of the individual, hard working American.

When will our politicians address the needs and fears of the middle class - the real backbone of America. The rich, the poor and the middle class all play their part, but it is the middle class that creates the hopes and dreams that gives us all a belief that we and our children can have a better life in America. And we have - until now.

Now our children go to college, promoted by the business focused colleges to bring in more revenue. But what do they end up with - debt and limited jobs or possibly no job! Great! How long will it take our college grads to work out of this mess? The banks and loan companies just get richer on the backs of our kids. For those in trouble, there is the possibility of bankruptcy, designed to help those most hurt and in trouble. But wait, not the college students. Bankruptcies do not release student loan debt. Wow! Let's "screw" those kids who need help the most!

Now how about small businesses? Good luck. The new legislation defines a small business as a business up to $1 billion in sales. It is a joke. If you want to start a business, grow the one you have, and are small, forget any help or attention from government programs and banks. They help the big corporations.

Now that corporations are treated as individuals for voting and giving contributions, you will not be able to compete. Big corporations are using all our information from the internet, fingerprints and now voiceprints to track us and manipulate us for their highest good. For their profits, not our good.

It is time to speak up and stand up for your heart, your family, your dreams and our children. Speak up now or forever give up your voice to the rich and powerful! We will not be heard alone. But together, as always, there is still hope.

Speak up now for the Middle Hood.

The Presidential candidate that wakes up and talks to the hearts of the middle class will win this election and put us back on the path of rebuilding America and the American Dream.

Here are Six Policy Initiatives proposed by to the help the Middle Hood. Have some more? Post your ideas in the comments to this article below.

1. Create a major tax credit incentive for the investors, including middle class family and friends, who fund all types of startups. Over 20 states have tax credits for startups. It is time for a Federal program.

2. Offer corporations the opportunity to bring back off-shore profits with no tax or a low tax, with the provision that 1/3 is invested in startups and small businesses with less than 50 people and 1/3 is invested in tooling, plant and equipment to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.

3. Offer forgiveness on student loans for those working to create a new business. For each dollar invested in the business, the government would forgive the same amount of student loan indebtedness.

4. Offer loans to small business with approvals granted by the local SCORE and SBDC boards, not banks, to small businesses with less than 50 employees that complete their courses and that are counseled by their groups. The loans would be funded through the SBA and administered through local banks.

5. Offer educational programs for business startups in Spanish for the growing Latino population interested in creating their own businesses.

6. Provide one stop project approvals for business startups that are coordinated through one city department that makes all the decisions with simplified policies based on the size of the project. And if the project does not create a proven public negative impact, it should not be restricted with regulations and certifications.

Let your voice be heard now, while you have a chance. Send this article on to your congressional representatives or sign one of our petitions. Together our voices will be heard and we can make a difference that will impact our lives and the lives of our children.

Let them know that there is a middle class that is hurting and that is not being represented. We need to speak as one, a million voices, speaking up and standing up so that we can again all feel that America is truly the land of opportunity, for all Americans, not just the rich.