05/26/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Friday Odds & Ends: Umbrella Graveyard, Batman, Dutch Kills, & More!

Quick announcement - I'm going to be a guest on the Leonard Lopate show on NPR! I should be on the Tuesday show - I'll post the times on Monday for anyone interested in tuning in.

Now for my Friday assortment of random pictures I took during the past week. First, what can only be described as an umbrella graveyard at Mulberry & Prince:


I saw this great little decoration above the doors of the building at 24th & Park...


...A guy wearing a lion's skin, which he has apparently tied on himself using the lion's front legs. Love the detail work on the paws:


More lions on this staircase on the Upper West Side...


What I love is that the lion heads seem to be straining to get free of the stone:


Left side:


Lego Batman keeps an eye on things at FAO:


Looking for the Broadway Diner in Times Square?


Maybe hoping to get a bagel or croissant?


Sorry, these are ghost signs above a place that now sells faux-antiques to God-knows-who:


A long time ago, a reader e-mailed me asking if I knew about the below building. If you look closely, above the storefronts...

011'll see this random Theatre sign. I have no idea what it refers to. An RKO used to be across the street...but this place just has no apparent theater.


This was in the adjacent window - odd, as it doesn't seem to be directly part of any of the stores.


Finally, I love these Dutch Kills Civic Association signs, because it just sounds so threatening.


...Like, if you pollute, they're going to hang you from a windmill.

Have a great weekend!


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