10/29/2010 09:22 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Halloween Is Not Gang Initiation Night!!!

Quick note: every year, I get a bunch of fowarded emails from readers warning me that Halloween is the dreaded "gang initiation night!" I've seen a bunch of variations on what exactly will happen, including:
  • Gang members will be driving a silver SUV and have to kill 31 women
  • Gang members have to injure 30-50 women to join
  • Walmart is putting up signs warning customers to be careful in the parking lot, as The Bloods have ordered members to kill 34 women before the end of Halloween
  • Gang members have to slash 30 women across the face to join the gang
Thing is, the whole story is bullshit, and has been EVERY YEAR it's ever been passed around. Nothing has ever happened, and in fact, a New Jersey man was arrested in 2008 for spreading the rumors - so don't do the same!

Snopes, as always, has the full story. I'm sure this urban legend will come back in full force this weekend, so PLEASE forward the Snopes link to counteract it. Stay safe, of course, but don't believe all the spooky stories you hear.