09/27/2010 11:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Queens Cab Stand Jungle

I swear I've gone by the Yakuel cab stand on 12th Street and the Queensboro Bridge a million times without ever looking inside.

Other than the bright new paint job and the nice potted plants, it really doesn't seem any different from most cab stands in this area of Queens.

Except, the plants outside...

...are nothing compared to what's inside:

The entire place is overflowing with plant life!

I love the plants lining this service aisle:

Also, very neat to see the hanging rubber hoses intermixed with vines and tendrils:

In 2008, the Yakuel Taxi Stand was the site of Bloomberg's announcement of green cab subsidies - maybe this has something to do with the flora overload?

Without a doubt, the prettiest cab stand I've ever seen in New York City:

Guess the gritty 1970's archetypal NY cab stand is going extinct?


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