07/12/2010 06:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dear Martin Riggs

Hey Riggs,

Just heard your conversation with your lady. Heavy stuff man, far cry from the days we'd give our lives to protect and serve despite our differences. In fact, that's why people liked us. Because we were so different. Remember when you spent Christmas Day with my family? Hard to believe that's the same person I just heard on my computer. On a side note, this internet thing is wild, I wish we had it back in the day, woulda made bringing down Mr. Joshua a bit easier.

You and me, we've helped help each other through stuff. That's what we did. We were buddies. And cops. But I'm sorry to say, I'm out on this one. This may be too deep man. I helped you track down the guys that killed your wife for God's sake. Imagine how she'd feel if she heard you're ranting and raving. You helped me forgive myself for killing that drug dealer, and I thank you for that, but this just doesn't sound like you. This sounds like a man with too much power, a man with no regard for humanity, a man of uncontrollable fury. I feel like I don't know you so well anymore, Riggs. Remember when I gave you dog biscuits to help you quit smoking? I had your back then. After hearing you today, I gotta tell ya, I don't have your back on this one.

And I thought we had something. I admit I didn't like you much at first, but you really grew on me. There was an innocence about you, something adventurous and fun. You were charismatic and handsome, but I was sure you'd never let it get to your head. Then came the drinking and the Jew and Sugar Tits thing. That was something else, but I was still willing to see you through it. But somewhere along the way, something happened to you. Every picture I saw of you, you had these crazy eyes. Dangerous eyes, unrecognizable to me.

It breaks my heart to think my partner of so many years is a worthless drunk, a violent racist, and a sick womanizer. You've become quite the sociopath Riggs, I gotta hand it to ya. You hate the Jews, you hate African Americans. So all that time, when it was me and you, were you faking it? I feel duped, you bet I woulda pistol whipped the shit out of your drunk ass if you said the N word around me.

Me and you fought the good fight, we protected the city from the kind of people that you have become. I'm embarrassed I was your partner; I'm sad for you Riggs. Get some serious help or take a long walk off a short pier. I didn't think I'd say this again, but I guess we need to register you as a lethal weapon.

Miss my partner,
Roger Murtaugh