07/05/2012 04:15 pm ET Updated Sep 04, 2012

Deceit Forfeits Divine Aid: How Simply Telling the Truth Can Improve Your Business

Anyone who wishes to be successful is looking for an advantage, a leg up on the competition to get ahead and win. And yet, I'd say one of the least called upon ways to gain leverage is by accessing that time-tested intangible called God or Spirit.

Now just hold on one cotton pickin' minute. Am I suggesting that we're going to infuse the vast and nebulous concept of God into our business practices?

Considering that the national motto, "In God We Trust," is emblazoned on our official currency, I'd say that there's definitely a divine communion between God and business -- and for the most part, it's working pretty well for the United States of America.

And yet, in our daily lives as we grind it out, suck it up and fight the good fight, we rarely call upon that which I believe is a resource in omnipotent abundance. We tend towards "prove it to me" and when it comes to a tasteless, invisible and silent possibility, there isn't much to build on towards blind faith.

Whatever you prefer to call it, I'm suggesting that we utilize this tool that we all have pure access to that can serve us to achieve greater success through the simple wisdom of the truth.
Some years ago, I heard a comment made by a gentleman named John Roger, which became one of the sage wisdoms of my life: "Deceit forfeits divine aid." Gifted and aware of many tools and techniques designed to make the experience of living on this planet more joyful and loving, I am acutely aware that this pearl of wisdom has had the most profound impact on my daily business practices and has created the most solid foundation by which I conduct my business and life affairs.

No matter what the situation, I have experienced countless times when staying the course of truth has paid pure dividends, if nothing more than in my experience of peace of mind -- and conversely, when I have strayed from the path of honesty, how misery and discord runs rampant through the pit of my stomach. This is pretty good proof that the truth has given me a much more pleasurable experience in my life than the opposite path of deceit.

So what is the connection to truth and God as it relates to business success?

Consider that each time you tell the complete truth, to the best of your awareness, you open up the possibility for greater assistance on this level from levels unquantifiable. For those of us who truly believe that "things work out for the best," even when our desired short term outcome deviates dramatically from actually occurred, we understand that we will never have all the information from all sides as to how something ultimately unfolds. Whatever the pursuit, the only thing we have control over is what we bring to the party. So why not sacrifice the conniving and deceitful options in favor of accessing the best of who we are by including our best truth as we formulate our judgments, strategies, and plans?

From that place, we afford ourselves the opportunity to allow all the grace, goodness and clarity to support our action. And whether you think there is a God, anyone who has had to overcome their fears and consuming apprehension as to what could happen to them if they tell their truth to another, the outcome has usually been far better and more liberating than the constricting concern that can be overpowering prior to "outing" the truth.

I invite you to enhance every business opportunity's chance for success by presenting your complete truth in the face of anyone else's perceived concern, and create that space for divine goodness to support you at each turn. In the absence of not knowing all the moving parts, why not instill a greater sense of trusting in the process that as we speak our truth from our hearts, we open wonderful doors of greater assistance for our highest good and that of all concerned.

Give it a try. If nothing else, I'm highly confident you'll probably enjoy a better night's sleep. And if that isn't the foundation for more successful business outcomes, I don't know what is.