11/12/2013 06:28 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Securing Your Vixen Look: The Keys to the Perfect Cut

Cutting your hair can be downright empowering -- just think of shedding old layers in favor of a new, fresh fall-into-winter ready you. Although change sometimes requires a leap of faith or the new moon, remember these three elemental gems when going under the scissors:

• Always have a professional stylist work with your natural assets, including face shape, favorite features, and hair texture (even frizzy or limp hair can be revamped).
• Always go for drama -- dimension is alluring, so 3D it at will, chop it up, fringe it, add lots of layers, and create bold bangs or a broom -- blunt the outline.
• Always customize classic lines, with hints of geometric or asymmetrical statement angles.

Stunning Short Crops: Take inspiration from Pamela Anderson or Miley Cyrus's fresh, new spin on this classic favorite. A playful pixie's power comes from a multi-faceted and textured cut. Whether disciplined, blunt edges or a softer, feminine line, your mane goal is to achieve movement, shape, and body. This is what sets your minimalist do apart. Short styles allow you to flaunt your best features -- your eyes, cheeks, jawline, nose, and nape of the neck.

Shoulder-to-Medium Length: Check out Jennifer Aniston's new look. From magnificent just-shorn bobs to vintage shags, there are tons of stylish options with collarbone-sexy medium-length hair. Add mojo to your mane by using surprise bonus layers, including eye-accentuating bangs, diagonal lines, disconnected layers, or wispy ends. When in doubt, go for a sexy, layered cut ending just above the collarbone with long fringe to frame the face. Anything longer can drag down your face, especially if you're petite or (gasp!) older than 23 and anything shorter can seem predictable. Beware of too many layers or those cut too short -- where there's the added danger of a boxy or bulby look. Longer shapes have more weight, and that heaviness keeps hair from being completely at the mercy of the sun and wind especially when you do a 50-yard-dash to the nearest triple espresso bar.

Long Manes: Sandra Bullock and Sofia Vergara keep their beautiful long hair in check with regular trims. Long hair, symbolizing openness, passion and a lack of inhibition, is super-sexy because you have more to play with. Whether all-one-length sleek, with blunt, beveled ends or lusciously layered, long hair rocks a tune of its own. Curls bounce and sing with long-haired mavens, who can learn to use their often unruly, untamable locks to their advantage with longer styles. Super-long hair often complements the booty and a bare back. Long hair transitions well into stunning half-updos, twisty-knot chignons and vintage-glam wave sets. Mind-blowing chameleons pop in a few hair extensions or don a long-haired wig to achieve this look effortlessly.

Take a leap of faith this season when you go under the scissors. These tips are sure to deliver Triumphant Tresses every time!

Nicole Cothrun Venables is a Hollywood stylist with two dozen films and television shows to her credit. Her interviews and beauty articles have appeared in Elle, InStyle, Women's World and Los Angeles.