The Universe Is... a Plumber?

Signs are everywhere. We just have to be open to seeing them. I used to be oblivious to messages until I decided to look for meaning in life. It was at this point that I became aware of the invisible support that surrounds me.
02/15/2013 04:56 pm ET Updated Apr 17, 2013

Songs that reflect your inner thoughts. Feathers that drop in your path. Numbers that have special meaning that seem to appear frequently. These are all examples of messages that could be coming from the universe. But messages from your sink? Well, that is how the universe seems to communicate with me.

Signs are everywhere. We just have to be open to seeing them. I used to be oblivious to messages until I decided to look for meaning in life. It was at this point that I became aware of the invisible support that surrounds me.

About six months ago I was told by an intuitive that "an avalanche was coming" -- an avalanche of success, that is. She saw tremendous media opportunities and clients pouring in. She asked me if I was ready for it? The answer was yes and no.

Although I wanted the success, I didn't really believe it would happen. My life up until that point felt like a slow trickle, small steps, but never giant leaps. Even though I had many aspirations and a true desire to achieve, I lacked confidence in the process. It all felt so slow and daunting. I knew the first step was to believe in my potential, but I just couldn't wrap my brain around all that she had described. I wasn't sure I believed her.

A few days later, I came home and turned on my water filter. It is attached to my sink, and it works by flipping a handle. But this time I turned it on, and I couldn't turn it off. I filled the glass, and the water kept pouring out. It seemed the lever that shuts it off was stuck. Of course it was a Friday, and no one would be able to service it until Monday. So I watched helplessly as water slid down the side of my sink, and with each day it seemed to be flowing even stronger. It was stressing me out.

Then, I remembered a message from the movie Under the Tuscan Sun. When Diane Lane's character first moved to Italy, she was in a place of despair, recently divorced and renovating a house in a foreign land. She had issues with a faucet in her house. It never worked properly, but as her character develops the faucet slowly begins to drip. By the end of the movie water is pouring out onto her feet. This was reflective of the change in abundance in her life from the beginning to the end of the movie.

I decided to shift my thoughts and take my faucet "problem" as a sign of the abundance or the "avalanche" that was on its way. I believed this was the universe's way of confirming what the intuitive had told me, so I chose to stand in a place of gratitude instead of irritation. The faucet was eventually fixed, and that same week I was offered a huge writing opportunity and a TV appearance. I assume this was part of the plan all along.

Six months later, I was trying to start a new business venture, get an agent for my book, rent my office space and hire a new employee. But everything I was "attempting" to do was stuck. I felt like I could see all of the projects on the horizon, but something was blocking my road to get there. Then, I received another sign. I ran my dishwasher, and water ended up all over my counter and under my sink.

The plumber came and said there was a stoppage in the pipe. Again, my plumbing was speaking to me, and this clogged pipe was a metaphor for my life. But it was what the plumber said that really got me thinking: "It will clear up as long as we can find the source of the problem. Don't worry." I know this sounds simple, but it was true for me as well. Everything seemed stuck because I was afraid of manifesting a disappointment. I realized the block for me was my fear.

As long as I kept everything at a distance, I could still hope for success. But if I risked and really made these dreams a reality, I might be let down. Maybe my new project would be a flop. Maybe the editor I was aiming for would hate my book. Maybe no one would sign up for my new program. But in truth, there is no "maybe" worse than sitting still.

The drain cleared, and so did my path. The next day, I woke up to emails with the answers I had been waiting for. I also had a new drive to grab hold of my dreams and hold onto my faith. I now expect an avalanche and I welcome the abundance. But most of all I thank the universe for speaking my language.

What is clogging your up your path to happiness?

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