11/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Celeb Career Thermometer: Taylor Swift vs. Serena Williams

Best Career Move of the Week: Taylor Swift Milks the Sweetheart Role

What country singer Taylor Swift thought at one point was the worst night of her life actually turned out to be a publicity blessing in a douche bag's disguise. After rap's biggest ego-maniac, Kanye West, stole the spotlight at the VMA's while Swift was accepting her award for Best Female Video, people over the age of 20 actually learned her name. If before Taylor Swift was a breath of fresh air for anxious parents, now she's a vehicle for all the world to express their intolerance for annoying people. And let's face it, people have a lot of complaining to do.

Taylor's Girl on Top Rule: Don't Waste the Pretty

Worst Career Move of the Week: Serena Williams Shows Her Crazy Side

Judging from her linebacker build and a grunt that could be heard for miles, people always had a general idea that tennis star Serena Williams was a rare breed. But the intense athlete tilted the reputation scale toward insane this week when she threatened to kill the line judge. After a foot fault in the U.S. Open semi-final, Williams went on an obscenity-laden tirade that dropped even John McEnroe's jaw, costing her the match. As if fans weren't already a little intimidated by the tennis player, you can bet they'll be standing out of racquet's reach when they ask her for an autograph from now on.

Serena's Girl on Top rule: Keep Your Mouth Shut