03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Celeb Career Thermometer: Kate Gosselin vs. Martha Stewart

Best Career Move of the Week: Kate Gosselin Has a Sense of Humor

Who woulda thunk that nightmare wife Kate Gosselin would come out of her ugly mess of a divorce as the good guy? In a desperate attempt to save TLC ratings and rebrand her image as mildly likable, the reality mom just might have taken a step in the right direction with her spoof video on Jay Leno. In the video, Gosselin pokes fun at the paparazzi and at the public's perception that she is borderline insane. And get this: it's kind of funny! Another few more videos, along with another idiotic public statement from Jon, and Kate will be well on her way to becoming the next comeback queen.

Kate's Girl on Top Rule: Treat Him Mean, Keep Him Keen

Worst Career Move of the Week: Martha Stewart Gets Sued

We always had our sneaking suspicions that Martha Stewart runs a tight ship, but just how tight was uncertain... until now. A former employee at Body and Soul magazine is suing Stewart's company, claiming that she was pressured to work immediately after being severely injured in a car accident. (She also claims she was asked to use her pain to score sympathy points with clients. Ew.) Sounds like Martha is the one wearing Prada these days!

Martha's Girl on Top rule: Get a Life