02/27/2013 03:14 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2013

How to Fear Less and Be More

If you asked most people, they would say that they have valid reasons why they aren't living their dreams. They have children, don't have enough money, are tied to their job, are too old or life just got in the way. So many of us let our fears stand in the way of us being successful and living our best lives. People are afraid to fail, so they don't even try. As someone who is still striving for new goals and dreams, I know life is always a work in progress.

Any of the above reasons are challenging and valid and may increase your timeline for success. If you give up, however, what is the personal cost to you for not going after what you want?

Showing your children that they can achieve their dreams even in the face of adversity is a great lesson for them to learn. Life always gets in the way, but we find the time to do things we believe are important. If you have time to watch your favorite reality television show, you can find time to work towards a life goal. If you need a stable job, then work on your dreams in the evenings, after work or on the weekend.

Below are ten tips that have helped me overcome fear in my own life. It's easy to be paralyzed by fear, but keep moving forward and be fearless!

1. Have goals, not just dreams. Goals are tangible and give you a process to achieve your dreams instead of having them seem like an unrealistic daydream. A dream may take years to achieve, but you can set daily, weekly, and monthly goals to move you forward.

2. Ask for what you want. If you don't tell people what you need, they can't help you.

3. Your opinion is the most important. Learn to trust yourself. Too many times, we allow other people to influence us in a negative way and we end up living a life that does not represent the things that are important to us.

4. Take control over your life. Make your own choices but understand doing nothing is also a choice.

5. You will make mistakes. Learn something important from those mistakes so you can do better next time. People always try to be perfect and won't take a chance on something that could be better because we are afraid of making a mistake or looking stupid. Get over it.

6. Stop making excuses for yourself and everyone around you. Accept responsibility for your actions.

7. Someone who loves you won't ask you to be less so they can be more. Surround yourself with positive relationships.

8. Don't be afraid. Take chances. Even if you are afraid, do it anyway.

9. Make good choices. If you make bad choices, then start over and do better next time.

10. Help and support other people. No one achieves greatness alone. When the time comes, others will help and support you.