08/22/2013 10:13 am ET Updated Oct 19, 2013

All I Know Is Yesterday

In the first Austin Powers movie, Elizabeth Hurley after learning that Austin shagged the brains out of a suspect they've been tailing because it's what he knows, she says that the world's changed since 1967 and behaviors like that wouldn't fly in the current times. The realization slapped Austin in the face as he realized he needed to adjust his behavior and make an attempt to adjust to the 90s.

The era we grew up in, the 1990s, seems like a million years. the mentality and attitudes as well as behaviors have drastically changed, things that were acceptable when we were kids, are not considered even socially acceptable anymore. Half the stuff kids pull now, we wouldn't have gotten away with on our best days.

Because we lived in an age before the social media and cell phones, our parents and grandparents had a leash on us that didn't allow any room for anything and because of that, we didn't rebel as much as this generation has. Nothing sent a cold shiver down a kid's back faster than being called by your whole name. and nothing made you move faster than that screaming the back door to come in when the street lights came on.

A childhood friend came to me recently, after seeing another fellow friend's four year old throwing a tantrum over a cookie and Our friend didn't stop her child in mid-tantrum or even acknowledge it. We watched as this little girl dropped to the ground and screamed like she was being tortured, My friend goes to me "If we ever did that, Our mothers would be dragging us out by the arm and god help us when we got to the parking lot with no witnesses"

My aunts didn't let us get away with anything, we weren't allowed to cross the street by ourselves before we had drivers licenses because they were so afraid we'd get hit by a car and forget even rollerblading on the sidewalk because if we took two steps past the porch, my aunt would come flying out and yank us back to make sure we weren't getting in trouble. I remember rolling blade into a neighbors yard and colliding with my cousin, my Aunt came flying down the street and made us take off our blades and come inside.

I feared my aunts and My mother more than any boogie man or monster because I knew that whatever I did was a reflection on them, and that they wouldn't hesitate to straighten me out and my mother gave them free reign to do what they had to do...

My cousins and I learned from an early age tantrums didn't fly with them because they wouldn't hesitate to correct the behavior and tears didn't help in the slightest.. As we got even older, all it took was the raising of the eye brow and we snap back in line.

Because we believed we were the first to get away with anything, we didn't realize we were just following in the footsteps of people who'd see and done everything before us. My Aunt Mame in particular, she put up with tantrums to a point and when that boiled over, she'd let her temper fly which would send us running into all directions.

Kids today don't have that fear, because everyone is so afraid of turning their kid into a sociopath that they let them get away with anything and I realize as a person who doesn't have a kid, what do I know? but I see it and it seriously makes a person want to up their birth control...

I think part of the problem is that kids are so wrapped up in video games and TV, not getting outside to play unless their mother physically pushes them out of the house and locks the door. I honestly don't remember a summer day spent indoors unless I was sick and even then I had to be physically restrained in my bed. The phrase "Just five more minutes" was yelled at least a dozen times and even then we still had to be dragged in..

The kids today don't play using their imaginations, and when you mention a game we played like Freeze Tag or Statutes, they have no idea what you're talking about, a life beyond an IPAD and the internet for them is like an extension of their personalities. I taught my cousins Red Light, Green light and by the looks on their faces, It was like I gave them the answer to world peace.

We don't help the situation when we're tied to our cellphones like a life raft and constantly check our Facebook like if we miss an update, it's the end of the world. For a generation supposed to lead by example,we're sucking big time and I think if we put the phones down and actually have a face to to face conversation, it might make some sort difference.

I happened to be at the aquarium with my father a few days ago when this little kid threw a tantrum and hit a high note so loud, that it nearly shattered glass, my father jumped 10 feet in the air and said "I hope you'll be able to control your kid better because you weren't raised like that" and then proceeded to tell me that if My Grandfather had been with this kid, he wouldn't have hesitated to knock some sense into him

Every Generation has a method of dealing with behavior, the next generation learn from the previous of what not to do and sometimes it's surprising,things we couldn't get away with on our best try is suddenly acceptable.

We don't want to be known as the generation who raised a bunch of Zombies who don't realize there's a world beyond an Apple product. We can either Lead Follow or Get out of the way but we want to give them a chance to be kids. They have to grow up so fast in this crazy world.

What do you think of the behavior of kids today? Are you appalled or is it just kid-behavior?