01/24/2012 04:43 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2012

7 Words We Need to Eliminate to End the Bullying Epidemic

In the 1970s, Legendary comedian George Carlin came out with the seven words you can't say on TV which ignited a controversy that people still talk about to this day...

Let's do the reverse, let's use 7 words we've all said and used in whatever context but instead of saying them on TV we eliminate them from our vocabulary all together. It's words that cause people to lower their self esteem, to think that they are true when their not... words that are so derogatory that it's time Webster's Dictionary recall them

1. Stupid -- something we as learning disabled get called often because we're not up to the standards of the non disabled kids and the assumption is that we're just too lazy to get to it and get it done properly.

2. Dumb -- a term used to describe thinking outside the box, some of the greatest minds of the 20th century were called dumb

3. Moron -- a term used for someone whose IQ is below par or someone who doesn't act in a typical behavior (i.e. those guys from Jackass)

4. Special Ed -- a term for a class that is used as an insult like we're so dumb we couldn't handle regular classes

5.Spaz -- referred to someone who's unable to control their muscles or someone who's behavior is out of control

6. Misfit -- a term used to describe someone who doesn't and will never fit in, a misfit who is singled out and is always out of the class, someone who doesn't fit the standards for the real world.

And the worst word that needs to be eliminated now more than ever...

Retard -- it's the absolute worst name, term, whatever that needs to be wiped out it was commonly referred as a term to describe someone with brain damage but now it's used to describe the every day person and kids in special ed are getting slapped with that term more than ever, we're not retarded and we certainly don't need the label of that anymore.

In fact, kids are using it as a term of almost endearment and not even understanding what it actually means. It's time we put this term to bed and think of less ignorant words. In fact, I think we should just stop being ignorant all together and stop with this whole business of name calling.

John Lennon said "All you need is love," I think he's right, we need to speak of love and not hate, we need to stop... Time to move on to the next phase of life...

What term would you like to be eliminated? or would replace with?