08/12/2011 01:06 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

When I got sick, I knew I would have to make some serious changes in my life because everything was different. I had to monitor whom I was around and places i could go -- like I knew if I was going somewhere that would be crowded, I would have to wear a Hoodie and cover myself with Purell, and become paranoid that anyone that even sneezed a 1000 yards near me could get me sick.

You can imagine how fun this to explain to friends, who are looking at you like your outta mind wearing a hoodie in 110 degree weather. And forget drinking, that's a no-no, something about the ingredients in booze that could compromise my already weakened immune system. I don't drink to begin with but for that be taken away it was like "Okay No Booze, no crowds ... might as well join a convent" because let's face most people gather at a bar and drink until they blackout.

But a positive side of no immune system is that I can't shovel and living in a Commonwealth where it snows six months out of the year is kinda cool ... well cool to me .. my father on the other hand says, "Risk pneumonia and help the old man before I drop dead!"

Because of my subsequent illness and not wanting to be around ANYONE, I turned to the Facebook community, which had been mildly amusing but now became a full blown obsession. Any moment that I was conscious, I poured myself into joining different groups and meeting new people.

I was certainly surprised at the number of people i came across with debilitating illness or some sort of injury and they all had the same, "Things were great and then BAM! everything fell apart but I'm okay now" positive mentality and so we commiserated together. But in comparison to my illness to theirs, theirs was so much worse -- from Breast Cancer and getting injured in car accidents to losing vocal cords from cancer, I read these and came to the conclusion I have nothing to whine about. It's like a pimple that won''t go away but with a little Cover -Girl, nobody will ever notice.

Alright, so maybe Cover-girl won't hide the big-ass bruises I get from the needle they stick into my arm, that I wasn't expecting. I knew I'd be getting bruises, but these bruises go the length of the inside of my arm from my wrist down to my elbow. A few times people have even wondered whether i was being abused ... and when i tried to explain what happened they don''t understand. One time a person tried to slip the number for the domestic violence hotline.

Not something you'd normally get from the Dentist but hey it does happen ... just not in my situation.

One time i was standing in the grocery line and my mother happened to snap at me about something I didn't even blink and went to reach for a magazine when this woman saw the bruises on my arm.

"Excuse me dear but did your mommy hit you?" She asked concerned but also throwing the evil eye to my mother "My mommy?" I said, debating, on whether or not tell her i was 25 years old.

Might as well have some fun ...

"Yes, I wanted some candy and she wouldn't let me." I put my face in my hands and fake cried.

"Oh, you poor dear..." This woman went to pat me on the head but just then my mother called me ...

I turned and gave her a sad smile as I walked away.

Sometimes I hate messing with people but other times they need to be taught to mind their own business. I could see if i was a kid and my mother was beating the snot out of me ... but I'm an adult and quite capable of taking care of myself.

Well now ... those first few months were ridiculous ...

I can honestly see why people who suffer from illness wind up in an institution because I spend so much in my room, at one point I thought I was going to start climbing the walls. There's only so much TV and DVD watching a person can and forget reading. I couldn't stay awake long enough to read ... and after awhile, i was convinced the walls were closing in..

Paranoid much?

And then just to have a change of scenery one day, my mother decided I should enjoy the summer and sit in a chair ... except I kinda felt like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window.

My life was turning into a bad cult film. It was a combination of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and Patch Adams. All I needed was a good soundtrack and some screen credits and I'm good to go.

Well things could have been worse ... I could have wound up on E! with my whole dysfunctional family.

But that's for another day.