04/20/2012 01:51 pm ET Updated Jun 20, 2012

Living on Pennies From Heaven... Barely

In this crappy economy, we have to rely on every penny. Gone are the days of expensive vacations, meals out seven days a week, being a mall groupie, checking out latest fashions at Forever 21 and drooling over clothing that we wished we could fit in, or heck even clothes we squeeze ourselves into, and buying expensive new technology because it looks cool and because we want to fit in more than anything -- individuality be damned. Now we're lucky if we can scrap up enough change to hit the dollar special at Mickey D's.

Everything has gone up in price, especially gas, and money just doesn't stretch as much it as used to. Now, the little luxuries seem like a distant dream. Surging on useless crap is a thing of the past.

Before the economy dropped and I became just another 26-year-old dependent on her daddy for movie money, I had dreams, big dreams, to travel through Europe and move to New York to live in a fifth-floor walk up, getting up every day and walking into my closet full of Dior and Betsy Johnson dresses. I freely admit that I wanted to be Jennifer Garner in 13 going on 30, complete with Mark Ruffalo -- I mean, adorable. Anyway, she had this amazing life, and I liked how she took things with a grain of salt and some old school dance moves.

We have all made plans for our lives and try as hell as we do, we can't seem to make them come true as well as we plan. Tings come up, lives get tangled up and suddenly we're forced to re-prioritize and abandon every goal we want. But then again, we achieve new goals and discover new plans that maybe we hadn't thought of in the first place -- a new destiny.

My plans have changed drastically, I know I want to write professionally and accomplish goals that may seem unorthodox, but as long as I have a fighting breath left in my body, I'll get them, hell or high water.

What sorts of goals did you set for yourself? Did you accomplish them or have them altered?