02/13/2012 09:31 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2012

Love Is All Around

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves. -- Victor Hugo

On Feb. 14, we celebrate yet another Valentine's Day -- a day of candy, hugs, kisses and expensive jewelry. It's the day we're supposed to tell the ones in our lives we love them, but why only that one day? Why can't we show how much we love each other every day?

It's also a day for people to become engaged and flaunt it in those of us who are single's faces. I'm not bitter in the slightest about being single on yet another Valentine's Day because I have spent a few Valentine's Days with a hunny, but it's never the perfect romantic situation I've envisioned. It was usually cheap flowers and a make-out session in the back of the Best Buy at midnight because both of us couldn't get away. Not exactly the definition of a fairytale romance.

We've all imagined finding the one person in our lives that completes us, the one person who can make us a better person and we long to know who it is, but then more than often, we mistake a great friendship for a great love. It's easy to do because we want it to be the real thing, we want to be in love and to give our lives to another person to share some amazing experiences with.

We all want a romance like the ones we've seen in movies, the one where we run across an airport into the person's arms, passionately kiss and vow never to leave each other side again and ride off into the sunset.

But the reality is that most romances take more than 120 minutes, and any moment we can screw it up or the other person can as well. It's almost being tentative in a relationship because anything can go wrong.

In the long run it may be worth it, but at what cost to our emotions and our heart?

We want so much to be loved and to give love, but how do you get to that point without losing yourself completely? To change who you are and what you believe?

So for this Valentine's Day for all of those who haven't found love yet, we wait and hope that next Valentine's will be filled with romance and a chance to make up for past ones. We never give up hope and know that somewhere someplace someone is just waiting for us, and it's a matter of when and where.

What are your plans if you're single for this Valentine's Day? If you're with someone?