03/22/2013 02:41 pm ET Updated May 20, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Aways Keep It to Yourself

Everyone has an opinion about everything, from how we dress, act, what we watch and listen to, everything is up for grabs, nothing is off limits, sometimes it feels worse than being a celebrity with the paparazzi in your face. In this day and age there is literally no such thing as privacy especially in the social networking world. Then again something could also be said for the way we're a little too free with the information.

We all want to be involved in everyone's business, regardless of what we might learn because we're so paranoid we'll miss something and be left out. To be seen as the social outcast is a fate worse than death, because in the end, all we really want to be is accepted by our peers and seen as one of the gals. It's like being back in High School where you immediately feel left out of the cool table.

I freely admit to loving being in the middle of gossip. To know something others would die to know but then when it comes to my own business, I immediately put up the defensive wall because in the end, my greatest fear is that someone, anyone will turn my business into public knowledge and I'll be criticized for it or mocked. Growing up in my house, everything was a cause to be made fun of and considering I was an only child, it would be my Father who would do the mocking. I learned at an early age that if it was important, I needed to keep it secret.

But I end up contradicting myself when I freely post my life on Facebook. I put out every thought, every frustration because there are moments when I feel like a teenager, stuck in my own head and afraid to say things out-loud. So I post it there because I know that those thoughts don't leave the the privacy of my Facebook friends and my Wall, where I know it'll be respected and commented on without coming back to bite me in the ass.

Because my learning disability prevents me from reading social cues, I find it's easier to speak through social networks. That way I can type out exactly what's on my mind whereas if I tried to say it, it'll come out wrong or I'll misinterpret someone's facial expressions. I've flipped out more times than I care think about because I didn't know whether or not someone was kidding or serious.

What people don't understand especially outside the social networking world when you're learning disabled is that we're striving so hard to be seen normal and sometimes that's the only way we can fit in. We may not have the coolest clothes or be completely up on the latest trends so that sometimes our only sanctuary is through Twitter or Facebook.

I know when I log on, I don't have to worry that I'm offending someone, that I'll walk into a situation I can type my way out of and I like the feeling of getting to go somewhere stable when everything else is chaotic. I can just be me and in an age where everyone is overly critical over everything, it's a source of comfort in a slightly damaged way.

My Aunt Mame sometimes catches me off guard when I speak to her because she knows what I'm going to say before I say it because I forget she's on my Facebook.

Do you think we're overly critical on Facebook or Twitter, that we're giving away too much information?