01/22/2014 03:49 pm ET Updated Mar 17, 2014

You Don't Have to Go Home But You Can't Stay Here

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis's movie Friends with Benefits was a different view of a relationship in the movies, instead of the guy and girl hopelessly falling in, they instead decided to simply forgo the whole relationship thing and just be each others sex buddy, no commitments anything but especially no emotional attachments just sex except after awhile, they develop deep feelings for one another and suddenly the whole premise of the movie flips and they begin this actual realistic relationship we've all gone through ourselves.

Relationships are complicated enough without adding to them and as much as we would like to to have this perfect romance, it just isn't so and more than often, we confuse a great friendship with a great love. Our attraction is so great but once the fog lifts and our mindset is clear, we realize we want more than what the other person is willing to give and we have to go back to being with friends and nothing more.

Dating at any age is complicated because we're all looking for someone we make a connection with and share a common bond but there are moments when you want to skip the whole "Where are we going" and just have fun. It all goes back to those days of being a teenager when you'd make out with a guy friend in the back of the movie just for the sake of saying you did to keep up with your friends, who were lying about their own exploits.

Today, meeting someone is complicated especially in the social networking world, you have to be so cautious because you never know who's sincere or lying and in an age where people vanish on a daily basis or flip out. Sometimes the old fashion way of meeting someone in a crowded bar is the best option, at least there are plenty of witnesses.

It seems like our generation is skipping the whole dating scene and bringing back the sexual revolution of our parents generation, where you have a 10 minute conversation with someone then jump into bed and then doing the walk of shame home never to speak to each other again.

A friend recently told me, it's more common now to become friends with benefits because it's just killing time in between finding someone you really want to be with, there's no emotional involvement and no worries that it'll ruin a friendship because you set the ground rules early on and stick to them.

I admit, I've done the whole hooking up without reservations and I don't like it much, I'd much rather have that moment where you spark with someone who makes me feel like I'm the most important in the world and that what we'll share is more than just sex. That's not to say I'm a total prude but I think it's more fun to start from the ground up.

We make so many connections in our lives, from being friends to the social media, it's not hard to meet someone who has ability to flip our entire world around, why waste it on something that isn't going to last? Or that makes us feel... cheap and unappreciated..

Every little girl has the Prince Charming fantasy but I think after awhile. We get tired of him waiting for him get off the horse and so we're forced to fend for ourselves..

Have you ever been a friends with benefits? Do you think it's worth it or is it just scratching an itch that will only flare up again?!